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  1. I can't remember what the canopy size was. I'm definitely not trying to be a smart ass at all, I'm just quite nervous about getting the parachute back to the drop zone and landing it. I've probably overcomplicated things in my mind!
  2. I am brand new to the sport, I have five tandems and just started my stp today, though I didn't get to do my first jump because of weather. During the class today we were being shown a parachute and the instructor mentioned that he was grabbing the smallest canopy they have since we were going to pull it out to look at it. Someone asked about canopy sizes and he said that the small canopy we were looking at would probably be what I would jump with (I'm a 135ish lb), however, the men in my class would be jumping with larger canopies. I've heard that smaller canopies are more sensitive to toggle input and harder to fly. my question is, is it the canopy size that results in the sensitivity or the wing loading? Will my parachute be as easy to pilot as the men with the larger canopies? I meant to ask at the end of the class and completely forgot. Also, if I worded anything incorrect please let me know. Thank you :)