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  1. You're right. I'm wrong. I do, however, think the rules should also apply to you and everyone else here, though. Not just with banning restriction timeframes...but with the content of your post as well. Tell you what...I'm signing off as pajarito. See you if I get let back in.
  2. The rules of the forum obviously do not apply to you or your conduct here. Your obnoxious personally insulting posts are tollerated for some reason. It is not possible (I don't think) to have a reasonable conversation with some people here and actually discuss, in a mature manner, the real substance of topics. Like I said, I'm not hiding from anyone. This whole thing is close to being as big a "time suck" as facebook. If I get banned, so be it. If I get permanently banned, so be it. I will never create a new profile here again. I promise that. So, if you all want to get rid of me and my opposing views, delete me. I'm good with that.
  3. You're using your old profile to get around a banning? I guess I missed that. I should probably pay more attention. Like I said. I'm not sneaking around. Neither would I if we met face to face. "I'm sure you're a nice guy" yourself.
  4. Absolutely. Ask Billvon to unban me. "FREEE JAYBIRD18C! FREE JAYBIRD18C!"
  5. God defined marriage in the beginning as an intimate relationship between one man and one woman (actually with the intent of displaying what a relationship with Christ should be like). What man has done with it (even as described throughout the historical accounts in the Bible) is another story. Man may change his definitition of marriage...but God has not.
  6. One is really enough. I joined this thing originally back in 04 (I think). Got really burned out on it and left. My original username was this one. On a whim, I decided to check this site out again several months ago. I've been using the name jaybird18c for years now in all my online identification. I didn't recall what I was before and just created a new one. If that gets me banned again...I'm cool with that. It's really not worth fighting over. Really...
  7. Thanks. It really is alright to agree to disagree
  8. Two. I explained that a while back. Not trying to sneak around. The last post you made under your "Jaybird" profile made mention of cowards. I missed the explaination of why you have more than one profile. I just figured you didn't have the spine to own up to your posts, but that's not the case, is it? I'd love to meet you someday.
  9. This is why proper hermaneutics, systematic theology, and expository preaching are so important. Without it, you get this kind of stuff. Oh...and I should add...mature, sincere interest.
  10. Two. I explained that a while back. Not trying to sneak around.
  11. If you'd rather live by your own morals and you're depending on your morality for righteousness, then, as you said before, that is works righteousness and cannot save. Even a deathbed "conversion" based on the supposed righteousness of the individual and what he has "done" to deserve it is worthless. It is all by faith or none at all. "Nothing in my hands I bring. Simply to the cross I cling. Only Christ is righteous. Only He is worthy.
  12. Yes. We are all equally doomed by our works. Well said. Added: But why would a "deathbed conversion" be better than one right now?
  13. Close. I'd say that there is nothing we can do to live up to God's standard of morality. ---I'm leaving to go run in the rain for a back later.---
  14. I can't preserve myself. Neither can you. That's why it is prudent to consider "what's next?"
  15. Not by applying proper hermaneutical interpretation. The Bible is a progressive revelation of God's plan of salvation for his people. It tells the story of God's faithfulness throughout history. It also illustrates man's successes and failures in this regard.
  16. Maybe easier to consider...but not reasonable.
  17. I think you know that I am referring to the moral standard of God, based on His righteous nature, and not man's.
  18. I'm really just appealing to your conscience.
  19. Giant's Causeway of Northern Ireland
  20. I agree. You are under no obligation whatsoever to confess anything to me. Only to your God. However, you'd think it would be easy for someone who denies God and believes right/wrong is subjective to just say it. It should be easy to say "I don't believe in God." "I am a liar." "I know it's wrong." "I have done it anyway."
  21. I don't need to defend God. He doesn't require it. I think deep down you know. If not so much now, I think you will the closer you come to the end of this life. The problem is, you have no idea how long that will be. You could die on your next jump. Me too.
  22. Right and wrong is very subjective. It depends on how you were raised, society you were raised in and the time period. By looking at history, even the history of Christianity, there is no consistent right and wrong. God's standard of right/wrong does not change. It is based on his perfect nature. Man's standards, on the other hand, constantly do. You will not be judged based on the standards of men, however. You will be judged by God's standard.
  23. So is that a yes with regard to my question?