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  1. There is a very clear set rule that tandems can not perform a turn greater than 90* under 500ft in the BSRs, from view of the landing area during the male students landing compared to this landing, there should not have been any obstacle or lack of landing area to require such a hard turn, and even in an avoidance, 30-45* is almost always enough. While I understand your point about answers being found here, I have to disagree with the possibility of this being a simple mistake.
  2. My USPA member # is 283426. B-43966, 300 jumps, coach rating, and in the process of getting a C license. I do not know anyone involved in the incident. My agenda is to simply find out if the laws set by the USPA are being followed. So, now that if you genuinely care about what my name is, you can see it. BACK to the original questions.
  3. Please give me a real reason as to why my name matters to you? Who I am and what I asked does not change any answer or intensity as to these questions, and as a paying USPA member, you should also be asking these questions.
  4. As a paying USPA member, I believe I deserve to know the outcome of this. If this TI is indeed 20 years old, then I believe his first jump was before the age of 18, so who gave him this waiver? To be a tandem master you must have 500 jumps and 3 years in the sport. Another question is how many tandems does he have, is it enough to wear a camera? What was the USPA’s response to this incident? And a final question, how many tandem jumps are required before you can do a tandem hook turn? I was under the impression that this is an illegal offense that WILL get your rating pulled? Does anyone know the outcome? More details would be greatly appreciated.