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  1. Also look at the Quantum Turbo SC Quantum Turbo SC at B&H Photo You will also need to get the Quantum CZ connection cable for the Canon 580EX II Quantum Turbo SC Quantum Turbo Recycle Chart Notice: Current Owners of Canon 580EX II ( TYPE II ONLY) and Turbo 2x2, Turbo SC, Turbo C Important Operating Notice Solution: Set Flash Custom Function #01 Auto power off to Disable (1) Problem The custom function on the Canon 580EX II is set to (0)enabled when shipped. This function enables the flash go to sleep after a predetermined time of idling. If custom function 01 is not turned off the flash will go to sleep and the Turbo Batteries will shut down. If C.Fn 01 is not disabled you must turn the Turbo OFF and then ON otherwise it will not wake-up when the flash awakes. Disabling this function will prevent the above Turbos from shutting down. Connecting Procedure for Canon System / Canon 580EX II with above Turbos If the procedure below is not followed the Turbo with not operate. Mount flash to camera. Connect Turbo long CZ/short CCZ flash cable between 580EX II & Turbo 2x2, Turbo SC or Turbo C. Turn on camera and flash. Turn on the Turbo last.
  2. Sony Vegas Pro 9 Upgrade Upgrade any professional version of Vegas (Vegas Pro, Vegas Audio, or Vegas Video, Vegas, or Vegas+DVD) to Vegas Pro 9. Sony Vegas Pro Production Assistant Sony Vegas Pro Production Assistant info on the Sony Vegas forum at Sony Vegas Pro Production Assistant info on the Vegas Pro forum at
  3. Yes I would gladly post some of the output video. All I need to now is to find the Hi-8 tapes that I recorded to. It may be easier to send you the Air to Ground set up and let you try it
  4. It does work. I have one of their 5 mile air to ground systems. The video & audio went from a Sony TRV 20 via the A/V mini jack to the wireless transmitter & battery that was in a fanny pack on my waist facing to my front .This is a line of sight system. So I had to make sure that I had the right angle from the transmitter to the receiving antenna on the ground. I found that it was best to always be facing the receiving antenna. To help I had someone on the ground monitoring the incoming video and adjusting the receiving antenna to get the best video. I was jumping from 13,000 ft ,
  5. Thanks for the report, I will download the 64 bit version onto my laptop
  6. Hey DSE do you have any comments on Vegas Pro 8.1X64 also released today? I saw this on the web site
  7. X-Shunt
  8. This link to may give you some more information to help with your Vista driver issues
  9. Anyone using the Sony GV-HD700 HDV Video Walkman VCR? I would like to hear your thoughs and comments on it. Here's a link from B&H Photo
  10. Hey Nice video Are you jumping at the DZ next to I-5 by Mt.Vernon?
  11. I did change the plastic ring for a metal one. Also I have the Raynox zoomed in to match same field of view as the 35mm lens on my Canon 5D
  12. I'm using the Raynox HD-5005Pro wide angle on my Sony HVR-A1U. Raynox HD-5005PRO Lens B&H#RAHD5005PRO $99.95 This lens comes with plastic 37mm to 37mm adaptor ring to mount the lens to the A1. I replaced the plastic adaptor with a metal one. The filter size for this lens is 62mm
  13. DSE Do you know if Sony will come out with a HDV camcorder that will be like the PC 105 style, one that you can side mount? I'm using a Sony HDV A1 top mount now. I would like to have a side mount Sony HDV also.
  14. maybe this will work better for you Email: [email protected] Phone: 03 9909 7288 Mailing Address: 14/187 George Street, East Melbourne, Victoria, 3002