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  1. videointhesky

    Questions using Sony HD1 Sony HC3

    I bought both from B&H Photo Video On the B&H web site the Sony HVR-A1U is $2699.00 B&H # SOHVRA1U After you add to the cart the final B&H price is $2499.95 Sony has a $500.00 rebate for the A1 until 9/30/2006 Final Sony HVR-A1U price $1999.95 When I ordered from B&H I also included a business name on my order which was on the invoice for the A1. When I sent the paper work for the Sony $500.00 rebate I had my business name on the invoice, which match the online pre-qualifying from. So I had no problems in receiving the A1 rebate. Raynox HD-5005PRO Lens B&H#RAHD5005PRO $99.95 This lens comes with plastic 37mm to 37mm adaptor ring to mount the lens to the A1. I replaced the plastic adaptor with a metal one. The filter size for this lens is 62mm I also bought the Sony HVR-M10 HDV VCR from B&H which also has a Sony $400.00 rebate. I also received a full copy of Vegas 6 from Sony Which has be replaced with the Sony HVR-M15 & HVR-M25 HDV VCR The Sony 26” Bravia XBR LCD HDTV KDL-V26XBR1 I got from Circuit City On sale I hope this helps some, if you have any more questions ask away I will be posting photos & some more detail of my HDV Helmet & HDV system soon Videointhesky
  2. videointhesky

    Post your flash setup??

    Here are some photos of my Flash set up The Photos show a Canon 10D & 550EX Flash set up, I upgraded the same set up to a 20D & 580EX, I’m upgrading again to a 5D & 580EX. Leaving to get my 5D from UPS now.
  3. videointhesky

    Canon CD

    Try Drivers / Software at the link below
  4. videointhesky

    Anyone know 3D Studio Max?

    I use Lightwave 3D
  5. videointhesky

    Polarized Filter

    I have used Circular Polarizer filters on my 35mm SLR’s and on my Digital SLR’s that I’m currently using. Below are a couple of photos taken with a 35mm SLR & Digital SLR using a Circular Polarizer filters 35mm: Digital: