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  1. I was also dissappointed in my mirage... I inquired about the size needed.... I had a 170 reserve and 150 main... I ordered what i was told...I also stated that i would be downsizing soon... anyway I got a huge container and complained about it many times to Justin , who replied, and then I PM'ed Quoteanother, higher up Mirage person and got no reply..bottom line NO FIX SIZE WAS RIGHT.... I packed a beach towel and my sabre 150 in the container easily and took photos of it... anyway it is really loose now that i have my smaller main.. I will go VECTOR next
  2. anyone have any video of "ghostrider swoops" ....swoops where the pilot releases toggle and riser control... I have seen stills but just cannot image the whole deal...
  3. you might also try IAD or Static line training... usually much cheaper, but still a great time..
  4. hey aggie dave... me and wife... she is already a dentist... just opened up our own practice in midwest city.. she has relatives in Sherman Tx.. do you jump Skdive Dallas??
  5. hey all... just an intro... I have been jumping for about 4 years with only 150 jumps... half of them this past year... made it to rantoul and have been jumping more and more. Cessna DZ most of the time. I am about to finish dental school and hope to have more time to play... see ya