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  1. right on, that's what i was hoping for. so far everyone ive talked to about it said its a solid suit for where im at and id be able to have enough performance out of it to keep up with bigger suits, like the strix. seems like a good suit to build a good foundation with. thanks for the input mc!
  2. Looking to get a new Phoenix-Fly Phantom Edge ‘20 to progress into larger suits. Have been flying a phantom 2 but it’s just slightly too big on me, want a better fitting suit to really learn to fly/progress. I was wondering if anyone has flown one yet and what they liked/disliked about it versus the older models like the phantom 2/3. Can’t find too much information about it other than what’s on their website. I know it has a new wing design, gets more lift, performance, etc but want to hear first hand impressions. Thanks.
  3. This guy actually found/pulled his reserve handle before the aad fired, was an underdetermined save according to vigil. He learned a lesson the hard way and sold that funk a week later. Just recently saw that he is in the market for a new beginner suit that fits better. And I remember him saying he just bought a new rig that is more suitable for wingsuiting than his old one. Just my .02 on that topic.