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  1. On 12/24/2020 at 11:56 AM, Pobrause said:

    120 Sabre 2 in RSK 1 was tight, upper end of reasonable,

    katana 120 was slightly better (same condition canopy)

    same in the even smaller .5 would be doable but unreasonable even with a well used one. 
    In all honesty, don‘t do it. Believe in the sizing chart. It proved quite reliable for me. 

    In my experience everything under a RSK1 is unnecessary as you can safely jump anything  from a 135 LPV Wingsuit 7-cell down to a Valkyrie 75 PS with it. 
    Especially for my HKT 71 (full FT30) and Petra 67 I‘m very glad I opted for the RSK1 back in 2014, as those ladies wouldn’t fit in anything smaller. 

    others mileage may vary... 

    Awesome. Thanks for the input.