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  1. Whether he *invented* the word Freefly or not is a matter of factual debate. I have read his statements to that effect, and numerous conflicting statements. Trademarking "G3" would be easy, and would make sense. I see no grounds whatsoever for a "freefly" trademark in skydiving. Even if one ever existed, it certainly has been diluted at this point as to be considered legally abandoned. Freefly belongs to everyone. That all being said, I shouldnt have called Olav "zipperhead." That was a little out of line. For all I know, he could be a cool guy. Except for this freefly trademark stuff. My apologies. Goddamn Dipshit Rodriguez Gypsy Dildo Punks!
  2. Olav Zipser very well might be the best freeflyer in the world. I dont know, I've never seen him in person, nor have I ever seen him on video. The likelihood that he is the best freeflyer in the world is far greater than the likelihood that his claim to a trademark in the word freefly will ever be sustained. Olav Zipperhead's attempt to claim a trademark in the word freefly is bogus. The term is one of generic and common use. It would be like Mirage trying to trademark the word "container" (as referring to skydiving), or "rig." Now if he wanted to trademark Zipser, Zipser Freefly, I'majackassfreefly dumbass-freefly, or zipperhead, he could do so. Zipperhead is already trademarked, but not in conjunction with skydiving, therefore if zipperhead wanted to trademark that for the specific purpose of identifying a skydiving related service or product, he could do so. However, "freefly" is no more his property than "canopy" is PD's property. It doesnt appear that anyone respects this idiot's bogus trademark claim. Nevertheless, I discourage anyone from doing so, and encourage everyone to use it in any way they wish. If you're in Massachusetts or Florida, and zipperhead tries to sue you for trademark infringement, I'll defend you for free. Goddamn Dipshit Rodriguez Gypsy Dildo Punks!
  3. Want a "typical lawyer" reply? "Maybe" generally speaking, you have the right to go on to someone's property to retrieve your own. GENERALLY speaking. The ins and outs of it are going to be what my research and article will be all about. The thing is, lots of DZs have mostly nice neighbors. Some skydivers dont respect others property, and they change that relationship. Other times, the neighbor is just a bitter slack jawed redneck loser and his brother in law is the sherrif and your new main becomes fertilizer in his tabacky field. I'm hoping to make a nice little guide that every DZ can quote to the dumbest cop in any jurisdiction (even florida) and show them that they have the right to go get their gear. Or, in the case of when/how they cant, at least my advice might keep the skydiver out of trouble (at least as far as going to get a chopped main is concerned - youre all on your own for the child support payments and valtrex prescriptions). Goddamn Dipshit Rodriguez Gypsy Dildo Punks!
  4. Jimbo, would you email me at mrandazza at becker-poliakoff dot com with more details, who, when, why, what state, etc? Goddamn Dipshit Rodriguez Gypsy Dildo Punks!
  5. Hey everyone, a while back I talked to a friend at St. George who had a cutaway, and the property owner whose land her main landed on would not allow her to come on his land to retrieve her gear. It got me thinking to write a law journal article on the subject, maybe some kind of a "bust card" type thing that DZs can have to back up skydivers who want to do nothing more than go get their valuable gear. It would really be helpful in doing this to get some true life stories of this kind of thing happening to some of you. If you'd allow yourself to be quoted, it would be even better. My motivation in doing this is to help everyone who runs into this kind of problem, but I'm sure there will be some jagoff who wants to debate libertarian property theory with me on this crap...I'm not interested in that...so, if you want to flame, start another thread flaming the living crap out of me, but don't get in the way of the good deed I'm trying to do here. -Terrasino Rodriguez
  6. I'll tell her for you....and as far as all that beer goes....yeah, you're right! There's gonna have to be some serious suds....and group sex....what are you doing this weekend? Gotta come on over....or should we break the barrier at DeLand? Gotta make sure El Chingada doesn't get near me again if I do decide to wear the IJS. Goddamn Dipshit Rodriguez Gypsy Dildo Punks!
  7. Hey, I was NOT naked. I was wearing my invisible jumpsuit. As far as the lap dance goes....you were clothed THIS time...and she is NOT my girlfriend...just ask her! We're just brothers (Rodriguez, that is) who sleep together. Heading up to Zhills this weekend with her....she should get off student status by sunday, weather permitting. And I should do my 100th this weekend! Woo hooooo! Terrasino Rodriguez Goddamn Dipshit Rodriguez Gypsy Dildo Punks!
  8. I'm a pretty inexperienced skydiver, but after a boogie at Zhills, I can clearly see how my skills improved. TK Hayes gave a canopy control class that brought me from "hitting the target if I'm lucky" to "within 5 meters of target every time." I started the boogie barely able to sit-fly. Within three days, I was doing leg-docks. You only get improvement like this by jumping with great skydivers. The facilities are great, plenty of demo gear, and great, fast, and friendly rigging service. That all being said, some low-timers seemed to have a little trouble finding people to jump with them. However, just be friendly and listen to your elders, and watch your skills improve. Great atmosphere here. Cool vibe.
  9. This is where I learned to skydive, and I'm glad I chose them. Everyone is really cool, the instruction is excellent. They got me right through my student program, but failed me on the levels where they needed to. (Read: very customer oriented, but they aren't going to let you kill yourself). The King Air is awesome! Everyone from guys with C licenses to some real sky-gods with tens of thousands of jumps offered to start doing RW with me the day I got off student status. There is no "no time for you newbie" attitude here. I'm still kind of a klutz when it comes to packing my chute -- and nobody is too busy to come over and help me out. That isn't to say that they don't have more fun things to do, but everyone from the staff to the other skydivers really care about helping newbies get into the game. Also, they have a really cool petting zoo here. Come and see the Northeastern Slice (raised in captivity, but still has its natural plumage). They have complete terrarium built for him including a big brown panel van. Watch him at feeding time as the tourists throw oyster after oyster at him. There are also two Hungarians (barbarians). Where else do Europeans go for vacation but sunny Palatka! They keep them in a trailer when they are not cage dancing. Watch out for them. They are prone to random acts of hairy-ass exposure when taken out in public. I guess you have to be crazy to jump Russian gear. Most of the jumpmasters have been shaven down and taught to speak. However, Ralphie is still not housebroken completely. Another great thing about this DZ is that when you have to buy beer, everyone here likes cheap beer. I bought a case of Newcastle one time and they didn't even run out. The shame the shame! Well, at least "firsts" don't cost you a lot!