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  1. This is a bit late, but sad to hear of Rick's passing. I've been out of the sport and out of touch with Rick for 36 years but something came up got me thinking of him & Googled this thread. I made my first jump at "The Ranch" in Coolidge, AZ on September 30, 1978 at age 26 when Rick and his business partner Clay Muise ran the jump school and did my first two-way freefall hookup with Rick as instructor/jumpmaster on my 20th jump on February 11, 1979 and was shocked to get a kiss pass from Rick. Back in those days there were no AFF or tandem jumps yet and everyone had to go through static line progression jumping old Army surplus rounds and belly wart reserves. Conventional wisdom was you should have at least 100 jumps before even trying a square canopy. Those were the days of balloon and "silly suits". I went on for five more years and 400 jumps, many of which were from the same Twin Beech N9533Z that did the hang loads featured in Carl Boenish's 1970s "Sky Dive" film. I finally left the sport in March, 1984. Have many of Rick's signatures in my logbooks which I've saved & treasured to this day. Also had the privilege of meeting the late Carl Boenish once at Coolidge during a boogie back around 1980-81. Toots for 'tudes Rick, & rest in peace. Blue Skies. Steve Eshleman C14608, SCR 8825, SCS5681