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  1. I'm looking for a copy of the Dec. 1975, or so, "Parachutist" with the 1976 para-ski team center page. Happy to make it worth your while. [email protected]
  2. JM was Jeanne McCombs I think. The day before the "That's Incredible" crew filmed the jump, which was aired.
  3. I'd like to get a copy of a "Parachutist" from, I think, December or so 1975, the one with the 1976Para-Ski team center page. Happy to make it worth your while. [email protected]
  4. I'd like to get a "Parachutist" from around Dec !975, the one with the 1976 "Para-Ski" team center page. Happy to make it worthwhile. [email protected]
  5. The stage at the Calaveras County Annual Frog jump.
  6. I was an SSPC safety officer in 1969. Still have the USPA card. We made a few jumps at Ap Don from a DC3 rented from Continental Airlines. During one jump I could hear an M-60 being fired. During another an F-4 strafed something about a quarter mile across the little river that ran by the DZ. Nothing more exciting than that. Twice the VN Army team jumped with us. The village kids field packed for us, and several Vietnamese women from the village catered food. VN Army troops hauled us back to TSN airbase in brand new stake bed trucks. There were 9 jumpers at the time & I had trained 4 of them (I think) & put them out on static line in the Club's surplus rigs. I had to train a few so we could afford the DC3. U.S. Armed forces TV featured us & filmed from the plane. They just showed up one morning. Scared me because I was a Seabee E-4 & hadn't asked permission from any American military sources, just the Vietnamese Army. No one challenged us.
  7. I jumped at Antioch in the 60's & early 70's. Diablo Sky Divers. Anyone want to talk? Anyone still alive?