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  1. Hi all, I am new to skydiving and have 30 jumps in total. I have only done belly to earth jumps so far and feel that I am very stable at this point. the other day I tried to change things around a little bit and barell rolled over on my back and maintained that position for a while followed by some frontflips. I simulated a break off and tracked for a few seconds before maintaining belly position again prior to pull. I was stable on my belly for a few seconds when suddenly it felt like a vacuum was created under my legs and I completely lost balance and ended up standing up before getting back to belly position. At first I thought it was a premature opening.. Any ideas what this could have been? Haven’t encountered this before.
  2. Haha yes exactly! Well I believe it was just mental exhaustion after that week. Actually feel great now after some time off and ready to finish the course :)
  3. Thanks for the link! Read through some other of those cartoons and I can definitely relate! haha Yea that is what I have heard. Actually feel much more confident now after a few days in real life and back to work. Cant wait to go back this weekend! Hah Haha indeed! Actually spoke to one of the guys at my DZ and he pretty much told me the same, never lose attention to detail. Thanks! Already excited to continue! Haha yes! And it is not even the free fall that is scary, it is those seconds when the door opens, I just want to be done with the jump already, haha!.. One time I actually just went for it without clearance, by mistake of course good thing my instructor was ready
  4. Hi All, First post, nice to join this community! So I am halfway through my AFF course. All have gone pretty well, quite unstable in freefall but I guess that is normal. I spent a week at the DZ to do the course and will go back on weekends to finish my AFF jumps, no rush. I have a weird feeling about this however. I am really scared of the ride up, as well as the moments leading to the door. Sometimes I am secretly relieved when the weather prohibits rides, while everyone else are disappointed. I can do maximum of two jumps a day and then I am drained emotionally. I have been really tired and sort of feeling like a flu after this course and am very scared, yet excited about jumping. It is a weird mixed feeling wanting to quit and embrace this new lifestyle at the same time. I do not want to go back to the DZ, yet I feel the blues and miss the DZ and the culture of friendly people. How should a beginner like me navigate this turmoil? Cheers