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  1. Thanks, both of you. In the time since I originally posted the query, I decided to take the chance and ordered the TFX. It arrived two and a half weeks ago and I finally got to jump it last Sunday. Even tho I fat fingered the entry of one of my measurements affecting overall fit, it was still very enjoyable. The new, replacement liner is here, and it fits as it should now. I'll be jumping it again tomorrow. I was seriously impressed with the noise abatement. In fact, at first I had the feeling that something was wrong because _something_ was so different. It took a few seconds in freefall, but I finally realized that it was the absolute lack of noise. Immensely peaceful is the best way I can convey it. If anyone comes along looking for user experience with the TFX, feel free to hit me up. I'm pretty happy with it.
  2. Semi necro thread revival - Has anyone here actually worn both a TFX & a G4 by now? I'm really like the chin bar of the TFX. Curious of user impressions comparing the two. I don't mind the extra cost of the TFX to have the pivoting chin bar, but not having one of their authorized dealers within casual travel distance is making me lean toward the G4. Thanks.
  3. You got me beat. I had been away for 30 years. I spoke with as many people as would speak with me trying to choose. Some suggested one, others suggested the other. Still others had even other suggestions. I ended up settling upon the non tandem AFF. I cannot believe that it took me 30 years to come back. Kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I would really have liked to have some tunnel time, but there are none in this state and the nearest had been closed for covid. Best regards. Have fun.