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  1. Hi all, I understand that only a doctor can really know what it is. I was only wondering if it is something common and fixable by just adjusting your harness or something, but it appears to be not. I did go through my final jumps and passed it. I did realize that my left arm got just slightly worse but not that much that I cannot lift it up. I still have a tintling/loss of feeling in my left arm and fingers. I will definitely go to the doctor before jumping further. @wolfriverjoe I did that before my jump to practise and the loss of sensation does not appear. I really cannot pinpoint during my skydive either when it starts to get worse. Eitherway, thanks for the advise all.
  2. Hi all, I started my AAF course yesterday and this morning i called to postpone my remaining jumps to tomorrow. I am worried that i still don't have the feeling and power back in my left arm. At the first jump already, i felt numbness on my left thumb and index finger. Didnt think much about it as i thought it happened because of the cold air. Every jump it did, it got a bit worse but still not a big obstacle. At my 4th jump yesterday, after opening my parachute, i started to lose some feeling om my left arm. Is still grabbed my steering lines and landed safely. The moment i landed, i realized that my left arm is totally numb now. I had a hard time picking up the parachute using my left arm. It is the same feeling you have when you sleep on your arm and wake up on it. At the hangar when I grabbed my stuff and phone, I realized is lost coordination with my hand and fingers, making typing difficult. I dont want to skip any more days tbh to get my license. Today i called in that i wanted one day rest. What would your advise be about continuing tomorrow? As every jump made it a bit worse, i am worried that i will have total numbness in the air and have struggles steering, god forbid keep balance in the air. What my question is: Is it something common? I want to be responsible with this of course and personally I would go tomorrow and finish the course. Just to get an insight from more experienced people on here. My instructor didnt think much about it yesterday after i told him. After opening and landing, my vision was fine and i didnt feel dizzy or anything. Only numbness specifically on my left arm. Right arm is fine. I thought about the harness and the only place I do preffer it to be tight are my legs. Would loosing up the straps be more helpfull? Thanks.