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  1. Well it goes without saying that I am shocked and I keep wondering what happened.

    Peter was a good friend to me and we shared many thoughts and ideas. I will miss him, I am also thankful he was my friend as he was always honest and you knew where you stand with Peter.

    Here are a couple of pictures I took awhile back.

    Peace my brother and fly free.

    Also this is the only info I can find at the moment related to his death.

    Its a shame that true freedom only comes in death.
    blic, blic, caw,caw

  2. Wow I am shocked,

    I met Nick when I was young and dumb and a new fledgeling skydiver and had just moved to Eloy. Nick was a fun person and we shared many stories and beers. Condolences to his family may he always fly free!!
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  3. WML?

    Ok i haven't been on line for about two weeks weather sucks today only two loads here in Eloy so far. Hence I am on the computer. I have met Brad and Annette. Now that I know the low-down I will definitely punk him for the beer. Brad has yet to do his first bird flight; however(comma) we have discussed the fact that it will happen here very soon.

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  4. My final answer is just skydive and have fun and remember not to be to complacent. Oh and find a rigger you trust to pack your reserve. Statistics are great however, they do not factor in good common sence and appropriate actions and decisions when the time arises. Example our dz owner has not had a cutaway in 5800 jumps, hence his first square reserve ride since his last cutaway. Yes he did buy beer! It kinda shoots the statistcs out the window.

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  5. Justin,
    glad there was no offense taken as the question and statement were not meant to be of that nature. I was only curious. Be safe and like everyone else have a kick a$$ time, after all I am only a babe in the woods when it come to this sport. I have much to learn as well.
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  6. I sold my cobalt to a guy in Novosibirsk, Russia in May and the only real acceptable way to do this is via wire transfer to your bank account. I had no problems with my transaction. This is the fastest and the most secure way to conduct bussiness as there is a lot of credit card fraud in that country at this time. Once the funds were received I sent the canopy to the requested mailing location insured.

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  7. Quote

    Now I just have to get 58 jumps in the next two months. That isn't a lot for many people, but I've only gotten 142 total in the last 4 years.

    personally I do not know your need for a D liscense if your you only do approxamately 30.5 jumps a year. are you planning on skydiving more and possibly going to start coaching or what?.... It is only a question; however, only making approx. 2 jumps a month in the last 4 years hardly suggests you are current.

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  8. Quote

    I'm shocked, Kate! You never offered me that job for my ability to wake up before anyone else!


    Hey Kris, I seem to remember somebody not showing up to the DZ from their hotel room until about 2:00pm after a night of nig-noggery, I don't know that you would be suited for the job. hehehe:D


    P.S. Did we ever collect the two cases of beer, it seems we put you on the clock after 12:00 and every hour you didn't show up was a case if I remember correctly.B|
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  9. Welcome, and congrats on that first altitude jump.

    I was at MRVS for about 8 months before moving to Raeford. It is a great place and the people there are a lot of fun to be around.

    Stay safe and keep skydivin.

    blic, blic, caw,caw

  10. Nice try Jake, however; It just so happens I was propositioned just last night by a very sexy young lady. Who was quite exceptional I might add!:P

    The conversation is not one I missed it is from experience in the dz bar when often speaking to someone you have the annoying habit of putting your body between two people (male & female)having a conversation. Any way peace out.

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