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  1. That would be a good idea, unfortunately I quit facebook like 10 years ago, just have LinkedIn as far as social media goes, and I hardly use that. Looks like I'm stuck on my deployment for at least a couple extra weeks at this point thanks to the covid outbreak, so wont be able to go to talk to some jumpers in person until at least mid june, but if anyone knows anyone interested, have them message me on here, maybe we can work something out. Had one dude PM me here that sounded interested but havent heard anything back in a couple weeks.
  2. Yeah, I may just go by the DZ to try talking to some of the fun jumpers when I get back stateside. Appreciate all the input!
  3. Yeah, I get the whole scam thing, that's why I think meeting at the san marcos DZ would be the best bet if someone local wants to buy the balance, but there are several other spaceland DZs the money could also be used at, so wanted to be open to options. This was just an idea rather than losing the money/having it not used. If I dont get any takers, may just try to give it to some friends to do their first tandems or something, I dont know......
  4. I was thinking of putting this in the classifieds but didnt think anyone would see it cause it's probably kind of an odd one. I was working on my A license at spaceland san Marcos, paid in advance and did quite a few jumps. However, I work overseas a lot and also hurt my shoulder (not skydiving related) which kept me from going back for a while. So now it's been about 8 months since my last jump and I just dont see it being easy for me to get in and continue jumping on any regular basis. Basically, I have a chunk of money in my spaceland account still, 1,125.00 to be exact. They dont do refunds but per their email I can transfer it to someone else. What I'd like to do is sell it to someone for a discount. I get some of my money back and someone gets a discount on their jump tickets or training towards their license or whatever. Have people done this before? I'm still overseas for work until early june, so theres no hurry. I could do it in person at skydive san marcos when I'm back or we could work out something with PayPal if you're wanting it before I'm back or at a different spaceland location. I was thinking of selling the 1,125.00 for 800.00. PM me or something if you're interested. Thanks! Mike.