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  1. Hi just to let those of you who do not know, the AFRICAN BOOGIE has been postponed till Next year DECEMBER. I have changed the dates on the events/calendar listing - but just wanted to inform those who may not look on those pages. I apologise for the inconvenience caused to anybody, and if you do have any queries or comments - please email [email protected]
  2. nothing really. I mean tux is the cutest penguin right !!! and linux is the best opperating system, but i is bored with it
  3. how do u go about changing ur username on ?
  4. This weekend was very inspirational for me, as I saw something that made me appreciate our sport and the Human Will. I did not jump this weekend, but went with a few of my jumping friends to go and watch some of our other buddies jump. When we got to the dropzone, there was a guy in a wheelchair sitting in a group behind us, who we later saw getting kitted up, with the help of his friends. It took him about 0,5 hr to get ready to jump, but then his load was called and he was wheeled to the plane. the load jumped and as we watched all the canopies open we finally saw his open and watched him land, the entire dropzone cheered at this. unfortunately I did not get a chance to go and say how proud i was to see him jump and what an inspiration he was, ( I am sure many have told him b4). But It just reminded me to be thankfull for the opportunities I have, to always follow my dreams and to always do the "impossible". We all have tough times, I am sure most of us have not experienced as much pain / heartache as what he has, and it just shows that we can get over what ever hardship comes our way - if we put our mind and heart into it. To the Jumper - I do not know your name at all - but you have inspired 1 and I am sure many more ppl. May you have many blue skies, awsome skydives and soft landings.
  5. Hi I am sorry for all the confusion over the site being up and down, the reason for this is that the organisers would like to finalise certain issues before the site is put live once again. The reason the site was put live previously is because I was told to do so. I am not one of the organisers, and simply offered to help with the web site and "advertise" as I have 24/7 internet access. Please Direct Any questions to [email protected] Once again sorry for the inconvenience ( But I think EveryOne is just trying to do things right and not mis inform anybody) Thanks for your patience
  6. u know what i mean when u skydive u are 100% in the skydive, while I drive my mind is not always 100% concentrating on driving
  7. I don't believe you can compare skydiving to driving - as most would consider driving a neccessary risk, whilest skydiving is not. However, I have been involved in many sports in my life, and have been driving for 5 years. I drive different cars with out a second thought and occasionally speed or talk on my cellphone whilest driving. How many ppl check out their cars thoroughly before getting in to drive ? there are multiple things that could go wrong with your care that could pottentially kill u !! IMO skydiving is by far the most safety consious ... You check your gear, a friend checks your gear, certain dz's also do mandatory gear checks. If I jump a new canopy, I open higher and test for the stall point, I play in the air to make sure I am 100% confident with canopy to land. I would also never intentionally open low /concentrate on shopping etc whilest skydiving.! Basically what I am trying to say is that If done correctly, "carefully" within your own skill ability, you are just as safe skydiving as driving, of course you can never take other ppls actions for granted. Making mistakes in both can kill you.
  8. Very cool site. It would be really cool if they would televise it ( probally wont )
  9. now go away or I shall taunt you a second time !! Monty Python Rules !!!!!!!!
  10. Sending Huge Vibes !!! Know you will pull through to ur family - stay strong - and know that a whole lot of ppl are praying for Eric and you !!
  11. I like that. Kinda reminds us to look around and not just see one dimensionally.
  12. Apparently their website is up, but am not sure what Url is: Phone number is +27 31 3048038
  13. Whilest I do not want to bash manufactures down, I am afraid I have to agree with the opinions posted in this post. I am also In the market to buy myself a rig, and becuase I live in South Africa an obvious choice was vortex II. I contacted chuteshop and asked them how the process would work as to ordering a rig, payment etc. I also very nicely told them that I expected excellent service ( as my friend had waited for over 18 weeks for his rig ) which I was not prepaired to do. I offerred to pay 2/3rds of the price as well in order to speed up service. I was then told that I would be sent a fax with measurements etc ... ( which I only recieved 2 days later). The fax was unhelpful to say the least ( did not give a new skydiver the info i needed and did not have any indication as to prices of having pinstripes, colours or hip rings) I then spoke to the one of the staff again, expained why I was not happy , and got certain issues cleared up. I asked for the bank acc details to pay the deposit ( which was not on the fax) and am still waiting to hear from them. This is very unfortunate, as I am currently jumping with a friends vortex II rig, it is extremely comfortable, looks neat and is well made. I Have decided to purchase a teardrop instead. Hopefully Chuteshop will get their act together, as they loosing business ( If my actions are anything to go by) Which is sad, because as mentioned above the rigs are good quality, well priced, specifically if you jump here.
  14. cool Thanks for the advice everyone. I did try on a large hurricane helmet and seemed to fit okay, although did not jump with it. Unfortunatley for me, it is difficult to get helmets to try from the gear store has he only brings in helmets on order, and then does not have diff sizes or makes to try. I will try on diff helmets, in the meantime and will jump with them if I can. Luckily for me I will be able to borrow a helmet for the interim. Thanks Once again for your advise ( I have probally been saved from making a bad purchase)