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  1. HIPPI CHONKER ADVARNING Oof. This is a big topic. Hits me right in the chonkeratøs. When I was in my 30's I decided to tell the "fuck offs" to a well paid and "highly respectable" career path, went back to college, sold my city apartment and moved my shit back to my parents house. Wish there was some kind of training on this. There isn't. You want advice on how to determine the future. You can't have it. You won't know. You might do 100's more. You might do 1000's. Who cares. Just exit the fucking plane. Do what you enjoy. Feel it. Appreciate the sensation, the people you meet, the places you visit, and those you connect with. Tell them. Accept what you cannot control but take charge of what you can. And if you ever get caught up in a waterboarding situation, good luck with that.
  2. I'm not your pal, buddy * Click "share" or something, get a direct link, post that.
  3. I'll have a chat with your mother the next time I see her, don't worry buddy. Go for the AFF, welcome to your most expensive hobby ever (OK, so maybe not THE most expensive but easily a few thou Freedom Moneys a year)
  4. Why don't you embed the video right here, instead of just advertising your heckin social media profile
  5. Yes bröther, it's always the döllarböys who get the lööps. Heckin capitalists Here is a beautiful öne from my hömezöne
  6. Yes, Mr. M Suman, a very good contribution to the debate. I quite agree with your perspectives. My 2 eurocents, or ØRE as we call them in the Norwegian Economic Zone, is to read up on enduro/motocross knee braces. The good ones will cut back on your jump ticket budget quite drastically but who needs jump tickets anyway. If other jumpers look funny at you for taking special care of your body parts, or say something funny (known as bullying), you might want to let them know I had sexual intercourse with both of their parents. Here's a related video:
  7. Hello gentlepeople! I bring forward my presence to you, with a strong and löving grëëtings I am the hefty chonker, with the red helmet Coming to a dröpzone near you