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  1. storerab

    Unused Protrack II for sale


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    Brand New, Never Used. I bought this at the Space Land Dallas pro shop and never jumped it. Comes with everything originally included with the unit. Only getting rid of it to get a Bluetooth option.. Features: 4 Climb to Altitude warnings. 4 High Speed warnings with settings up to 19990 feet. Can be used for Big Way formations, wing suit setup or other events where four high speed warnings are helpful. 4 Canopy Descent and Low Speed warnings. The Canopy Descent alerts are essentially low speed alerts, which can also be used by wingsuit flyers to keep track of altitude in preparation for separation and canopy deployment. Powerful electronic logbook packed with advanced features. Continuously stores detailed information about the last 200-300 jumps depending on type of dive. Micro USB for connection to different types of applications, such as the Paralog logging software available separately from Large LCD screen for easy and intuitive operation and quick access to information. All functions fully operational at sub-zero Always ON. (Option: User selectable power. Low power consumption). Fully automatic. It continually records the ambient air pressure, temperature and adjusts the digital hardware to the local elevation. Thin and ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit in a helmet. The ProTrack II is 2.52" x 1.73" x .51" in size and takes CR2325 batteries.


    Shreveport, LA