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  1. Just so you guys know...my first malfunction was caused by my packing for sure....I was having hard inconsistent openings so I added an extra rubber band stow to the nose slider....it helped so I added another stow....it helped so I added another...after like 4 stow wraps the canopy opened but the nose slider held the nose completely closed and never released. There were other canopies in the air with me and it didn't look like I was descending too fast so rode it in to kind of a hard landing. So I ditched that idea. Then I had an entanglement due to what I believed was lines not straight on packing and rode that in with no problem. My last one the canopy opened but the slider would not pump down and was stuck at the skirt band holding it closed....I pulled the toggles as hard as I could as a last try but the back of the canopy folded under and I went into a backwards spin at probly 35 mph rate of descent at least. Definitely cut that one away. The canopy was burned up somewhat so I sold it to a friend who had it repaired and jumped it for quite a while without a problem.
  2. Here is my Paradactyl....I made about 200 to 300 jumps on it and had 3 malfunctions. I cut one away and rode the other 2 in since they were minor and I think I packed them into it. Would I use it for a reserve...absolutely not. Very inconsistant openings with it.
  3. Definitely my round Piglet II. 400+ jumps and 100% reliability....we had over a dozen jumpers using them at my DZ (Issaquah Parachute Center) and not one malfunction in fact we never heard of a malfunction at any other drop zone either. Once in a while they would have a slightly delayed opening (maybe 1 or 2 seconds)but always opened cleanly afterwards.....and that was rare. I don't know of any malfunctions on the previous model either (Piglet 1).
  4. Mrshutter45 and RobertMblevins.....you guys have continued this pissing contest in this forum like no forum I have ever been a part of and I've participated in a number of them from Old school skydiving to many motorcycle forums. I have been a member here for about 6 days and I'm done with this forum!! Congratulations to both of you (plus whoever else participates in this forum). Amazing!!