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  1. Dark time it is ... I will see you at the table Obi ... PerFlare
  2. I remember a similar thread from early 2005. It was actually about “My biggest teaching mistake”. I will quote Tom: “1) Taking on a student who wasn't ready, because I was afraid they'd go chuck themself off something if I didn't step in. I think, in retrospect, I ought to have made them wait, and brought them in to ground crew, or whatever, in the meantime, which also would have given me some latitude to get them practicing the right skills while skydiving. 2) Not allowing enough time for a FJC. I'm starting to wonder if they don't need to be a week long, all the time. 3) Not laying out a good enough progression for what people ought to do after they've finished their initial FJC.” My reply then: “Hi Tom, I do agree but like to add a personal opinion and some thoughts if you don't mind. Personally I have one student per year ... sometimes longer. The concept of FJC is, in my personal opinion, a concept not actually in the best interest of the student. It is a concept that enables "mass production" and with mass production you have to make a standard course that does not allow to many custom changes to be cost effective. The goal with mass production is usually to make money from it ... not to share a lifestyle or mentor someone in to a very high risk activity. I am not against FJC's ... as I see it FJC's are a symptom, now days there are so many out there that are looking to get in so the only way to accommodate that demand are mass production ... the only thing I sometimes wonder about are ... that demand, did we create it with making BASE easy to get in to like FJC's ... or is FJC's just the logical answer to the increase of people that like to become basejumpers. ... and if we created that demand ... did we create a monster? PerFlare” - - - - - My reply to your question. No. I do think we created a monster and that monster is now out of control. We are growing fast and allot of times when I see newbie’s they are acting like “skydiver teens” … some of them actually have the skill and most of them have far more talent then I ever have, but they do not realize the true consequence of what we actually are doing. That realization develops over time. But then again what do I know about anything, one thing I do know is that there are one FJC that I would like to attend, because I believe I would learn allot of things attending it, it is the week long course that Tom A is running. PerFlare
  3. In Kjerag when I was a newbie … - How do I look? - You look just fine - Thank you, but I was asking about the gear … PerFlare
  4. Dude, Well "deathcamp" has been around longer the base instruction with out previous skydiving experience. I hear about is most from guys serving in the military with the special forces, and then of course we have the real deathcamps … Just like to clear that up for you ;) Anyway, base/skydiving have always liked the scull, bones and flames thing so deathcamp is a cool name :) About the course, I have for a couple of years thinking about applying for it. Maybe I get the time next year. I’m looking forward to attend that’s if I get accepted. See you around the world PerFlare
  5. Hey Sully! Everthing is fine, winter time so not that much jumping. Still like an A with ice ... but not so often :) Game over is a nice name for it, sounds like the best thing is to either just watch someone do it :) or just do it once ;) Me personally will never even consider it :) Stay alive bro PerFlare
  6. I'd just like to clarify some things for you there Kaye. You might be special ... Kaye but Pope is God, and not only that, Pope is my idol and I do not even have idols! If I ever get the question, dude, do you like to be reborn? The answer will be, only if I can be reborn as Pope. Otherwise I’m fine thank you very much. PerFlare – Groupie
  7. Did a jump with a Skyflyer 1 from 1000ft ... really no point of doing it. PerFlare
  8. Dan was the man, no questions asked. Personally I'm so afraid of heights that I can barley watch it ... There are great people out there, sometimes I dream of being one of them ... what a venture ... amazing PerFlare
  9. PerFlare

    ITW Fatality

    Dark times it is. I see you at the table in Valhalla brother PerFlare Team Bautasten
  10. Hello Stitch, The entire object I'm afraid. PerFlare Team Bautasten
  11. Hello hookitt! No, this just apply to the Perrine :) PerFlare Team Bautasten
  12. Funny, thought the rules was pretty clear to everybody. You can only log 25 jumps from the Perrine :) Questions? PerFlare Team Bautasten
  13. Hi, Well ... yes. That's pretty much what I said? PerFlare
  14. I do not know why you had a 180 ... it happens, just try to survive it. But some things I do know or at least experienced. I’m preaching against the multi if you to not jumping low stuff … that’s Belgian low. DW was a preacher for the multi, we discussed for about a year but never came to the same conclusion. Some things we agreed about. Body position is paramount. My self have a body position in the proximity of a first timer, DW did aerials on axis (is that the word for it?) so that’s a big difference … there we are … cross wind. Cross wind is like bad body position … bad body position is you are fucking up under your extracting canopy and cross wind is your canopy fucking up above you perfect :) body position … not really fucking up but it moves to one side and put tension on one riser before the other :) With multi the off heading is going to be more direct and more violent … just more bottom skin there for you and some pivot stuff if you like to get technical about it … I did about 100 jumps with the multi in cross wind before I took it off. My canopy usually open up wind I cross wind … with multi or nor not but with multi it is more violent and I spend a second to press the riser to not induce a linetwist with my body instead of get my canopy re-directed. PerFlare