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  1. Thank you Sir wolfriverjoe, I sure don't want to die, like I say even a tiny binny ant want to live, let alone me, a human. I'm from a third world country, so where we from we don't have the education about physic or education in general like in the U.S. When I came in the U.S. I appreciate it alot, anyone who in a third world country come to U.S. it a dream for them, why would I want to die when I have a good future here in the U.S.A. People in third world country would kill so they can come to US. Yes, I'm a curious person, and I just like to debate with my friend, I guess youthful age thing, you just got to win the debate, lol. My friend say gun is more reliable, I say plunge at free fall is more reliable, etc.. My question though Sir, so even if you don't land head first, the impact still enough? Because I heard stories of those who survived that they land feet first. But they were more like sliding down the mountain or tumble, not went straight down. I don't think you can control how you land if you plunge from 1,000 feet. So would land feet first help you survived? Also, wind, would strong wind help you survive too? In mountains and canyon it has winds, but wouldn't wind be strong enough to alter a 1,000 feet plunge? Thank you again Sir.
  2. ??? No. Why would I suicide? Even a tiny creature like an ant still want to live, why would a human like me want to die? I asked because I'm dumb, can't even pass Physic class back then in school, if I know anything about Physic I wouldn't be asking these free fall questions, lol. Thank you though Sir. It's okay, in no any way you need to answer my question. Thank you again though.
  3. Thank you Sir. Sorry, one more question. I'm sorry I'm kindda dumb, not very smart. Which you think there more chance of survived, a gun to head, or free fall of 1,000 feet? I heard quite some gun to the head survival stories too, like you end up facial deform but still breathing alive. But with 1,000 feet plunge, chances are your heart and other organ will be tear lose. And all your bones will be broken, some of those bones got to puncture your organs if the organs didn't tear lose from the impact. So a terminal velocity plunge injuries would be more spread out throughout the body than a gun to the head, right Sir? My friend think a gun to the head is more fatal. But then wouldn't a whole body impact spread out injury would be more fatal? What your take on this Sir? Or just depends on your luck?
  4. whoa! Thank you Sir for your detail explanation to me physic wise help me understand. A question, if free fall from 1,000 feet one those bridges it will be a quick death right? As your organs will tear lose due to the sudden stop. So I'm guessing a minute or so you will just see all black and die right? For sure you won't be laying down there internal bleeding for 5-6 hours before you enter death right?
  5. I'm sorry for English is not my native language. Me and my friend we debating about how to survive a 1,000 feet free fall down (no parachute, no cord). My friend who absolute sure that it is 100% fatal with that height. But me I see it is possible to survived. There stories where you survived high fall if you landed on soft snow, big trees, woods, sand, mud, etc.. Or anything along the way that can break down your fall instead of went straight down the bottom with nothing stopping you along the way. Let just use these 2 bridges as an example, as both are at least 1,000 feet in height. My friend said it guarantee death. I said it survivable if you 1) Hit those jagged rocks along the way, as it will help break your impact down, as instead of go straight down the river below. If you take a few bounce on those rocks, it obviously break down your fall correct? and 2) There is a train railroad below, so if you happen to hit the train below, or a roof of a building below, wouldn't it be cushion to your fall? or if 3) Strong wind, like 30 mph wind, wouldn't it help your chance of survival? and 4) One bridge has alot of green trees below, wouldn't land on all those trees will help you survived? So if free fall down these 2 bridges below, what are the chance of survive? Is my friend more right in this or me? Please if you can enlighten me. Thank you very much in advance.