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  1. Chris's birthday was last week, and its hard to believe its coming up on five years since we lost him. I think it would have been his 50th. Life has changed a lot but I'll never forget the good times. Still miss you, Chris Martin!
  2. chaoskitty

    Marvin's Boogie

    It was in McMinnville, TN. Not sure when it started, but 2003 was the last year it was held. If you want to find the closest thing to Marvin's thats out there today, check out events.
  3. chaoskitty

    dedicated winter DZ in TN

    As soon as its no longer owned by ASC, I'll be there!
  4. chaoskitty

    4-way skills camp @ The Farm 4/12/08

    I'm planning on it!
  5. chaoskitty

    New Zealand Skydiving

    Highly reccomend for planning trips. Sounds fabulous!
  6. chaoskitty

    DZ Near Elgin AFB Florida??

    Eglin AFB is near Pensacola so Emerald Coast would be the closest place to jump.
  7. chaoskitty

    Skinnyshreks Ashdive.

    I was just wondering about this.. quit reading my mind.
  8. The ash dive is planned for Sunset. Can't wait to see everyone. I'll be bringing a bottle of Jack to celebrate Beezy.. Beezy-style.
  9. chaoskitty

    This Weekend at The Farm

    Its not a boogie. They're just open. The Otter is great.. go jump it!
  10. chaoskitty

    Ganja Rodriguez AKA Scott Weed

    Blue skies Ganja... we'll miss you. Someone please let us know what happened when you have more info. Deep condolonces to his family.
  11. $15 jumps! I'm there! I'll even wear a tank top in honor of boobie fest, but dont expect to see any more than the usual amount of cleavage.
  12. chaoskitty


    Umm..get "lei-d" you mean? Or is a roving band of whores included in the boogie fee?
  13. No, I dont think that freeflying makes you a better belly flyer. I think that skydiving makes you a better skydiver.
  14. chaoskitty

    Puerto Rico Skydiving

    I know there are some Skydive Atlanta people who have nightmare stories about getting their rigs OUT of PR after a boogie. They almost just had to stay there with their rigs.
  15. chaoskitty

    !!!* need advice *!!!

    Advice? Finish school.
  16. chaoskitty

    Skydive Atlanta

    I've done a lot of traveling to drop zones and I always end up back here. This is a full service drop zone, and if youre a local or a visitor, you're treated like family. 8 minutes to 14,500 in an air conditioned King Air.. lots of landing room.. seperate landing area for swoopers.. lots of local talent.. just a great place to jump.
  17. chaoskitty

    Eloy this weekend?

    I think theres a shuttle from PHX to the DZ... call the drop zone and see about that.
  18. chaoskitty

    Here's to my DZO

    Here's to your DZO ..sounds like a good one! I jump at a lot of dz's but I'll only ever have one dzo.. and I miss him too.
  19. chaoskitty

    Raft Dives @ Eloy

    Theyre fun! Theyre not hard.. if you get the exit right, they usually go off nicely. I'm sure theres plenty of experienced raft-divers at eloy. The raft lands where it lands.. then you go pick it up.
  20. chaoskitty

    Noob Needs Help Finding a DZ

    Theres a link to a list of worldwide dz's at the top of this page. Here's austrailia:
  21. chaoskitty

    CrossKeys Invasion - Sebastian

    Yes, but will there be parties? Sounds like a blast! Enjoy your company!
  22. chaoskitty

    Having an "A" limits jumping at which boogies?

    Beach boogies are the only thing that comes to mind. I'm not aware of any DZ's that have a license requirement higher than A, if any at all. You're smart to check out a map of the DZ or ask experienced jumpers how the landing area is... etc. But you shouldnt have to worry too much about license requirements when going to boogies or visiting DZ's. Boogies are a great time! Go have fun!
  23. chaoskitty

    Tullahoma, Saturday, September 24

    Expect a good crowd.
  24. Awww hell. I forgot my OrFUN number!