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  1. Second pass or in the 180 I believe. Al was a close neighbor and probably why I always had an interest in skydiving. He sold me his original Stratostar, later was the first person to grab me in freefall. I was the first to snag him under canopy. Truly a great person. blue sky's friend!
  2. Yes he did, I had one new 1976 ish, Rings and ropes Stratostar and 24 ' flat w/ 4 line release. It had cones and pins sort of like a miniature T-bow piggyback. Even had a jesus string on the reserve.
  3. George, Good to see your still around, do you remember Van RW, two ways from 2k and grenade simulators in the peas? Take care.
  4. 51) 10 man speed star w/ no show exit out of a small door Beech
  5. You might want to do some more homework, it's been awhile since I mucked around with scooters, but I don't think a true knuck frame had a vin#. Only# I remember was on the cases, such as "47FL4774" (mine back before wife, kids & houses) would have been a 1947 74ci sn 4774. If you have matching #s (case & frame) I don't think you have a real one, but for a chopper, who cares, have fun.
  6. I purchased my Strato Star from a friend who was active Air Force, rings and ropes short lined 3 ft. I put about 100 jumps on the rings and rope before the slider became available, then another 50 before the Strato Cloud. I acquired a really nice Strat several years ago, I'd like to drag it out sometime (windy day) just for grins. Anybody got an old serviceable SST or Wonder Hog collecting dust?
  7. Rings and rope Strato Star, short lined 3ft, jump # 45 sometime in the 70s. I leaned accuracy as a survival technique. Sure was fun flying circles around the PCs though.
  8. Grab the Grass, don't bounce twice
  9. Nope was Homestead, lived down the street, brother is Bob, also was a jumper. Al was on the second pass with Hartman? I think was his name, when the controller had the B-25 on screen. Al took my cherry for RW, I got his for CReW, last I heard he was in Arizona/New Mexico area.
  10. I remember, pumped a lot of gas that day for searchers Bill, do you remember Al Homestead?
  11. First 40 jumps were on various 28' 7-TUs and T-10s. I liked the 28's better, a little faster and turned better. Even stood up a bunch. Next 10 were on a borrowed Mk1 PC. I don't remember it being that much of an improvement over the Rags, opened hard, landed hard, still backed up in any kind of a wind. Remember hook turns into the wind and releasing one cape-well upon landing to keep from getting dragged? First canopy that I owned was an original Strato Star, short lined 3', rings and rope reefing, the faster you went the slower it opened. Now here was the improvement that I was looking for.. remember this was around 1976. Sky Dive "HARD"
  12. Bonus Days... Yea I've had a few. Flew threw the up-rights of a stalled out Beech, two reserve entanglements, one crw wrap.. and here I am thinking about getting back into the sport! Anybody remember Oberlin, Ohio (1974 - 1984)? Later