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  1. This is a response from the University of Delaware. http://www.udel.edu/PR/UDaily/2008/oct/reslife103107.html FallRate
  2. Interesting. Are the contents of the bowl legal? And if they are not, how is it that the bowl is full? Hmm. FallRate
  3. Yep. I just wish someone had warned me. Never again will I visit any site without googling for content first. FallRate
  4. So it does not appear that I am baiting, the site has a disgusting video which involves defaecation. It's freakin' horrible. FallRate
  5. If anyone has an acquaintance who mentions to you that you should visit a site with the words "cup" and "girls" in the address...DO NOT DO IT!!! I have been scarred, and am very much pissed off. FallRate
  6. Ahh. I saw this part: Didn't see this part: Thanks. FallRate
  7. I don't understand why the fund is organized around the Marine Corps and Federal Law Enforcement. According to the foundation's site, the rest of the military services are not included. A fund which would be exclusive to the Marine Corp or Federal Law Enforcement would make some sense to me, but the combination seems odd. Anyone have some insight into this? FallRate
  8. Umm, when it is innacurate for a description of that modem to be qualified by the word "cable". FallRate
  9. Bell Bottoms are out!? Shit. FallRate
  10. Ohh...wow. I'm clearing my schedule and popping some corn. FallRate
  11. If you can't get the stain out, grab a mason jar lid and an x-acto knife. Cut a portion of the carpet from another spot in the room where some piece of furniture is pretty much in its permanent spot using the lid as a pattern. Be sure to cut around the threads (whatever they're called) to prevent ripping. Remove the circle of paint free carpet. Cut the paint stained carpet out using the same lid and insert the stain-free carpet. Orient to best match and glue that piece down. Let me know if it works. I've never tried this or really ever heard of it. I'm just curious as to whether or not this will work. FallRate
  12. Marillion's Steve Rothery, track: "Easter" This always comes to mind when this subject is mentioned. FallRate
  13. Not necessarily true. My Father issued himself a ticket on at least one occasion. (He backed into or over something of some sort.) And he always took a small amount of pleasure in issuing tickets to people who had FOP stickers next to their license plates. FallRate
  14. I doubt they would see the need. User Fees are such are good idea, they'll sell themselves. FallRate
  15. If all of those poor souls who died of malaria had just waited. Seems such a waste. FallRate
  16. So...have you registered as a Democrat yet? FallRate
  17. Fixed it... "I don't believe that any gun should be in the hand of a thinking, feeling, breathing human being. Unless, of course, that person happens to be working security at the Academy Awards. Or, if I should hire that individual for personal security. Or, unless I feel threatened and come to the conclusion that my own personal safety requires ownership of a firearm, which is certainly an altogether different situation because obviously I am an educated, intelligent person who is fully aware of the seriousness of firearms ownership. Americans are by nature filled with rage-slash-fear. Americans--the average, lowly Americans--are certainly not capable of handling such a responsibility with all of their ignorance, hate, fear and anger." - Jodie Foster FallRate
  18. There is that old saying: "opinions are like assholes..." FallRate
  19. Sounds like the average tattoo junkie. FallRate
  20. FallRate

    Divorce Jump

    I'm not bitter...I've never been married. It was just a thought. The world could do with less people who have been raised by buttheads, or with less buttheads who want to raise children. FallRate
  21. FallRate

    Divorce Jump

    That depends. Is the divorce a product of your infidelity? If this is the case, do you have children or a child which you have fought to retain custody of so that you can drag them (him/her) through your shitty life? If so, a skydive sans rig would be appropriate. If the above is not the case, then a naked jump is always fun. FallRate