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    It shreds my soul, but my like new custom rig is up for sale to one lucky jumper. Only four jumps on the rig and two on the main. The Javelin J3K container is compact, comfortable and a perfect fit for the Aerodyne Pilot 168 and the PD Optimum 176. The Pilot is a sweet canopy that's easy to fly and has a solid flare. The Expert Cypress is there for peace of mind. 2015 Javelin J3K / D-18 (4 jumps) Kryptec Typhon 1000D Cordura Fabric SkyHook 4-Ring Articulation Soft Handles Hacky BOC 2017 Main: Aerodyne Pilot 168 (2 jumps) ZPX Black with one White and one Royal stripe 2015 PD Optimum 176 (0 jumps) 2015 Cypres Expert Up to date / battery change Rig fits 5'-9" / 6'-0", 180 lbs. - 210 lbs. As new condition Free shipping


    Cedar Park, Texas - US