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  1. This case is very stale. Something like that could really make a difference. Good luck.
  2. Nicholas-is there still a jump center there? Do they have records from 1971?
  3. Go ahead and mute me. I don't have a lot to say, but I do enjoy reading the posts here. You've posted 7500 times, don't you think that is a bit excessive? You have some great thoughts on the case, but they are being drowned out by all the camping and cat posts, as well as the bickering. People have tuned out, and anyone reading this site that is not logged in will have to sift through all the extra junk. None of us care about the internal arguments. I'm here to read about DB Cooper. My time is limited, so I don't really go to all those other spots you mention. I don't see you gaining anything by bickering.
  4. Mute Robert Blevins and you will have a much more enjoyable experience on here. He has a good post here and there, but it is too hard to sift through the rest.
  5. What is the significance of Elsinore Skydive and in particular the summer of 1971?
  6. Robert do you have pictures of what his briefcase might have looked like and what the little bag he carried with him looked like? I picture the briefcase being one you could flip open, therefore him being able to show the bomb. Is this accurate? How big was this other bag of his, big enough to hold a pair of boots or was it just a lunch bag type?
  7. In terms of the placard. mrshutter45, Flyjack, RobertBlevins: What do you think now? Did the Hick's placard come from 305? There seems to be even more debate now.
  8. When you say he had lots of seats to choose from., didn't he need a seat in the far back so that there was no one behind him? Seems to me that he would have had a specific seat picked out, and by boarding at the end he was risking not getting to sit where he wanted.
  9. Ok. He was second to last to board? How did he get the seat he wanted? What if those seats were taken, would he have just called this thing off?
  10. I've read that Cooper knowing about how the stairs worked meant that he had inside knowledge of the 727. If the stewardesses operated the stairs, then how would his knowledge be so uncommon?
  11. Robert-who operated the stairs just before the plane took off and then who did it when it landed? The ground crew or the stewardesses?
  12. What is this new placard that is in the FBI Vault? Is it a second placard? What does it mean for the flight path?
  13. Witnesses would have to say it was him to be able to put him on the plane, or finding evidence that would indicate he was on the plane (took something from the plane that day, took a picture after Tina left and went to the cabin and before he jumped). Without fingerprints or DNA, it is tough. Would any witness even remember what he looked like 50 years later?
  14. That flight attendant could be 100% innocent. However, from the start the crew and pilots were put above suspicion. There was something to do with pilots and flight crews being above normal citizens. Also, one of the pilots publicly praised that flight attendant from the beginning, and on Case Closed he was still emotional. Add to the fact that some of the people who talk about the case, talk about her with awe, like she is this perfect person. No one is perfect. If this was a crime that happened today, the first people they would look at would be the crew, the pilots, the mechanics, the ticket people.
  15. Who attends the Cooper convention? Is it just the D.B. Cooper fanatics on this site and others, or do members of the public show up? How big is it?