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    Good condition, less than 200 jumps, $3,500 Container: W9 (Wings), Designed for 5'7"- 6 ft. I’m 5' 11" 175lbs, it fits me perfectly. Mfg'd Nov 2006 http:// Main: Aerodynamic Precision Nitron 170 (9-cell ZP elliptical). Like new condition, no dirt DZs, hacky pilot chute handle. DOM Sep 2006 Reserve: R-Max 148; Mfg'd Nov 2006, may have been used once by previous owner. AAD: CYPRES 2 - EXPERT installed, DOM: 3/2018, never fired, box with replacement parts & original receipt included. Optional service Sep 2023 Additional: Freefly suit (kurupee) if interested Purchased rig last year from original owner. Jumped the container only 15 times, no jumps on the canopy (used larger canopy due to high altitude DZ). Stored unpacked, kept indoors, well cared for; opened reserve when pack date expired. Have a baby now, need to sell.


    Albuquerque, New Mexico - US