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  1. It's really the way that you read the serial number, one rigger wrote on the packing data card the way they thought it should be and the mistake took form. I don't fault anyone, I'm just happy that it wasn't true. I also don't fault a rigger that has a 20-year limit due to their own experience (CYA)
  2. there was a typo on the card and my rigger was confused about how the serial number is read.
  3. I thought I got a good deal 3300.00 packed and shipped. 1800.00 container and 1300.00 reserves.... although airworthy I cant sale either. I'll call them tomorrow and see what they say. I could have gotten a PD reserve for that price but chose to go with the same mfg as the container.
  4. In 11/2011 I bought a new container and reserve direct from the manufacturer... I haven't been jumping much in the last 7 years and just had my reserve repacked, my rigger told me I have another 2 years on my reserve (he has a 20-year limit) this reserve was purchased NEW, I freaked out when he told me the production date was 2001 and not 2011. Is it common for a manufacturer to have a reserve on the shelf for 10 years and still sell it as NEW?? I'm starting to feel that I got a bum deal and kind of feel ripped off. I'm not saying who it is until I give them a chance to correct this error. Some advice would be great! BSBD -
  5. I' had my rotator cuff repaired about 6-7 years ago, I think I took about 6 months off did my own PT and I can't even tell I ever had a problem. Now I wished that was the case on my last 5 spine surgeries and my Oct 2018 hip replacement. I made several jumps with C4 through C7 Fusion and L4-L5 fused too. In June 2018 a microdiscectomy S1-L5 and a new total left hip (Oct) replacement. I still plan to jump after aI heal :)
  6. Hey everyone, who's going to Lost Prairie MT this year? I'm flying in 7-27 about 3:00 pm I'm renting a car and I'm looking for others that want a ride to the DZ and share rental costs. we can use it to go into town and anywhere else...... with insurance its about 360.00
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