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  1. Have had two hard, but reading yours, not that hard, openings. Beginners mistakes I reasoned, First one my legs and feet tlew forward to such extent that was seeing them and the canopy pretty much simultaniously as the slider made such wissling noice and hit the bottom fast. Nothing else but mentally shaken and landed out. Second time I pulled and got the pilot in my hand as I began to go towards a dive and roll, released it and it pulled me back and in a harnest oversized I got all of the pressure on my right leg and my hamstring got injured/torn and held me from jumping 5-6 weeks. Canopy on both occassions Sabre1, but  its bothering to read all earlier in this thread. I hate it when there is not a fully reasonable way to explain the opening seqvens thru wich a hard opening could be detected, meaning inclusive weather and human factor. It simply seems not to be a guaranteed way to eliminate that. This during the space-and dataage. I had no such issues since and not using that gear anyway, as its no moore. Swedish skydivier, if any doubts of my english. Following this continously, thanks.  

  2. I think I have about 20 jumps with the duck and all from the same DZ. I compare each jump with my protrack and it differs from all some, but mostly within the  margin of acceptable tolerans. It has some errors that appears all wrong. Like the 3D function. Sometimes it seems very accurate and precise, other times I seem to have landed way off. Some info it looses due to lack of good contact thru the jump. But altogether it has nice features, love em, wish you get it to be more even and less likely to get errors. Because its a great application. If you tell me how to share the data from the protrack as well as the skyduck, ill do.

    Reading my own words makes me point out again, that it is great, and the horisontal speeds as well as g-forces besides the vertical is just a few moore attractions on it.  

  3. On 3/6/2020 at 12:37 PM, Igor Kamenev said:

    Hey guys,

    Skyduck app is back after winter vacation and needs your help!
    Now are are working on a new release where we'd like to support data imported from digital altimeters.

    If you can, please send me files and provide the name of altimeter to [email protected]

    Thank you in advance,

    Welcome back!

    still admire the app in my Iphone8, got it 6 month or so ago. I’ve will get to use it first time in a few weeks, will be able to compare with pro track data then. Nyk/Skavsta  Sweden . 
    anything I can do for you? 
    or should think of. I don’t understand it yet, missed instructions 

    seeing it in commercials on social media nowadays/// blue skies // p.o

  4. Seems to be or not to be, that is not the question anymore. All together so intense, so mindblowing, heartopening, soulfeeding feelings and thoughts, emotions aware, consciousness so full, overwhelmimg impressions had to breakout in expressions to clear, so just had to write it down, so in written form I realised - skydiving has come to stay, skydiver it seems to be, the new part of me. (Damn this swedish autocorret). Hey yo all, Blue skies