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  1. Wow, it's fantastic how people can find the longetivity to take up and continue a sport like this!! The arse, arse, arse isn't a bad thing to remember...! I used to focus on the 'arch, arch, arch' as my arse is a bit big for my liking..:) Pretty Blue Skies..xx
  2. Hi, Just want to say a brief and shy hello to everyone!! I'm an ex-trainee skydiver, and it's been years since I did my last jump due to personal reasons.. Maybe I can be convinced again to return back to Empuriabrava/Langar?! xx
  3. Stranger things can happen... As long as the landing wasn't too bumpy for them..
  4. You are prioritizing what it important to for you and your husband at the moment! Have no regrets if the feeling is right!! Pretty Blue Skies..xx