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  1. There were more things going on in the WH. Rest assured Halaby had something to do with the HJ. it's extremely odd that a person that is the head of the FAA pushing for the SST Boeing 2707. It's odd that the tie Cooper had on had the rare titanium, such as that used in the 2707, right? October 8, 1971 Nixon meets wit Dudley Swim, the head of National Airlines. Three days later he meets with CIA director Helms and AG Mitchell. That same day Mitchell flies to Gearhart, Oregon, just down river from where the loot is found. In December, Dudley Swim, the director of National Airlines is offered $100,000 CASH by Nixon to act as the US Ambassador to Australia. The events of January 29-31 consist of Nixon talking with his brother's in Newport Beach. He is talking with them while he is in Key Biscayne, FL. This is where Nixon appears (from my research reviewing his schedule) to be doing his black-bag ops from. Nixon installed the wire taps in the WH so he knew he couldn't conduct these ops out of the WH. The Nixon brothers, Don and Edward were in Newport Beach, which is 6 hours from where Dudley Swim lives. It was unusual for Nixon to speak with his brothers on the phone. Jon Huntsman is scheduled to deliver $100,000 to Dudley Swim on February 1, 1972. Unfortunately, Dudley Swim dies on January 31, 1972. He is never given the $100,000. And why again is Nixon giving him $100,000 cash to be the ambassador to Australia? But you won't see that in the news!!!!
  2. Halaby was the grandfather of airport security. At the time of the HJ POTUS was working on an anti-HJ bill that he started September 11, 1970 after the "PLO" hijacked 4 planes in September of 1970. The bill nearly doubled airport security funding in the US. It also required overseas operators to upgrade their security standards to the US standard. Halaby went on to sell the Boeing 747 overseas. I think he brokered the sale of 20 of them in 1972 to another country. After that he assisted these other countries with upgrading to US standards. What people don't realize, it's not just the sale of the equipment, its the service contracts that go with it. These companies also create the "policy" in order for the country to be in compliance with US regulations. Halaby's companies, I would assume were "full service" companies. What I have seen other companies do in this situation is get their foot in the door of the industry. Once they get their foot in the door in implementing new policies, the company now has a track record of doing this. For example, let's say the Bahama's wanted to continue to fly to the US. They would hire Najeeb's firm to upgrade airport security and policies. They have a 10 year contract for X dollars to keep the facility in compliance with US regs so they can land in the US. Then other countries that have been locked out of the US find out how the Bahamas did it and they refer them to Najeeb's company. When they call Najeeb's company, he says he'll take care of everything. He has the country write an RFP or request for proposal. He assists the country with writing the RFP. In essence, he ensures that the RFP is worded in such a way so that his company is the only company qualified to bid on the contract. Such as, the winning bidder has to have experience in installing airport security in 5 airports around the world. Then it becomes 10, then 20, etc. They become the sole monopoly of installing AP security around the globe. It's very profitable.
  3. I worked with the guys from the 129th. We made a few jumps at the "Great White" DZ just of the coast of SF. Also had a Herc break apart there from the 304th where I was stationed. One survivor out of PDX. The SEAL program is the hardest in the US Military. The PJ route is pretty tough too, but it is broken up in different segments, so you are able to get a rest in between phases and schools in the pipeline. BUD/S is 26 weeks of fun in the sun in San Diego. My former CO was one of the best, Tim Holden. Died in while riding his bike in DC. My XO was William McRaven while I was at ST-1. Holden was a great CO. McRaven was, of course, an incredible leader. Gave a great ass chewin! DB Cooper was a cut-out, former frogman or Delta. Obviously worked with the 727's while in Vietnam. IDK if he survived the jump. I am up I the air about that one. One of my team mates while I was a PJ had a malfunction when doing a RAMZ jump in Lake Meade. He had a malfunction. Got it worked out just prior to hitting the water. His fins were still taped up so when he tried to swim, it kept dragging him down. The boat crew pulled him up by the drogue shoot. Luckily they were able to revive him on the way to Nellis. The DZ was the Columbia. The pilot signaled for him to jump when he said, "are you still there". DBC responded "yes". With an opening of 10,000 feet with the wind out of the SW at 14 mph, the time under canopy would have been about 10 minutes. The aggregate wind speed (80 mph upper and 14 mph at PDX) of 30 mph would have placed him 3 miles to the NE. It just so happens that 3 miles NE of Government Island (the exit point I would have used) is LaCamas Lake. It's a dead lake because of all the NITRATES in the lake. The lake is also oxygen deficient. The FBI tried to replicate the rubber bands sticking together over the course of those 9 years and could not find out why the rubber bands were still somewhat pliable and stuck together. They couldn't replicate it. The testing of the bills in 1980 found an abundance of nitrates. The theory is that the nitrates on the bills were from testing them for prints with silver nitrate. This is a fantasy. There is no reasonable person that would put silver nitrate no the bills and then test them for chemicals and organic compounds. There's no evidence that the bills were tested with silver nitrate. The FBI would not release the studies on bills. There was very little organic growth on the bills. If they were out in the open on the banks of the Washougal River (or anywhere else in the NW) they would have been inundated with mold, spores, and other organic growth. They didn't find many spores or much growth on the bills. This signifies that they were in an oxygen deficient environment. If I were planning this caper I would have had a dry bag and a wet suit pre-staged on the plane. My theory is that something went wrong during the exit of and his chute was pulled immediately which put the drift calculations directly in LaCamas Lake. If he had the money in a dry bag, it would have eventually came loose after years of being underwater, spilled over the spillway in the lake and into the Camas slew. It then floated downriver until something caused it to be pushed up on the bank. Remember the tides of the Columbia have an effect on the flow. The bills washed up on Tina Bar. This would explain why the FBI could never replicate why the bills and rubber bands were in the condition they were in. If DBC landed in the Columbia, all hope is lost in finding the parachute. However, if my theory is correct, then he is in LaCamas Lake. I have been diving the lake looking for his chute. The vis is about 1 foot, so it is a cumbersome process with one guy and 600 acres underwater. At one point I thought I hooked into his chute while I was dragging the bottom with a hay hood from the boat (I was by myself at the time so couldn't dive). That was the end of the summer. Of course, I was making this info available and posting by updates on Facebook. When I went back to the same location the following year, it appeared that someone had dumped a bunch of river rocks in the exact location I had marked on the map I put on my FB page. The bottom of the lake has about 2 feet of mud. There's absolutely no growth on the bottom of the lake. When I went back to the location, the river rocks were not under the mud. It appeared as if someone had just dumped about 10 yards of river rocks in that exact location. Odd1 Prior to this, I had been under surveillance by someone. I thought it was my soon to be ex-wife. I was ran off of a cliff while I was riding my motorcycle in rural Skamania County, Washington. This was 2 years after Earl Cossey was beat to death. I spent two weeks in the ICU and another 2 months in a nursing home. Odd that two people that are involved in the DB Cooper case would be subjected to murder and attempted murder. This is why I think Najeeb Halaby meeting President Nixon 3 hours prior to the hijacking is so odd. This was an inside job, no doubt in my mind.
  4. The testing and evaluation of freefall equipment took place at Edwards. After it was tested and evaluated the bid went out to the vendors to select the winning bidder. And yes, Edwards is the testing ground for experimental aircraft too. That is precisely why Najeeb needed to be questioned. What was a guy of his qualifications of being a test pilot and skydiver doing meeting with the POTUS the day of the hijacking (3 hours prior to the hijacking). He was the guy that purchased the first Boeing 747 while he was CEO of Pan Am, which he abruptly left shortly after the hijacking......His next job, selling the Boeing 747's to other countries. It is unclear if Halaby had anything to do with the Boeing 2707 which was a competitor to the Concord for hi speed transoceanic flights. However, the titanium found on Cooper's tie was of a very rare nature, the type of titanium used in hypersonic jets, such as the Boeing 2707 and the Concord. It also had rare isotopes. These would be the type found at Edwards. At least someone should ask the questions.
  5. We called it an ADVON when I was in the military. This was an advance party going to do a recon of the area and what was about to take place....but hey, maybe they do things different nowadays. Additionally, Nixon's brother was in the Seattle around the time of the hijacking. My point is, why were these people in this area around the time of the hijacking. More importantly, why didn't anyone ever question any of these people.
  6. I agree they know who it is. It was an inside job.
  7. I may be wrong, but I thought that after he took off, or as they were taking off, they had two different destination options, either SF or Reno to refuel. This didn't matter to Cooper because his DZ was the Columbia River. That was the one thing he knew the plane was crossing on his trip to "Mexico City". The Mexico City deal was a ruse to widen the search area as far as possible. He didn't care if it was Reno or SF. Either way he was going to be out of the plane. And either route would have placed him on Vector 23. The pilot signaled him to jump by stating "are you still there", which he responded "yes". From my research, I think the time he said this was approximately 8:16. That would have coincided with the plane crossing over Government Island in the Columbia River. If someone has any more specific information on the timeline and the transcripts, I would greatly appreciate clarity on this. And how did the Portland Air Traffic Control Tower lose track of flight 305 from Battleground to Salem? Why wasn't a hijacked plane being tracked? Why was $240,000 in bills pre-staged in case someone got kidnapped? All the bills were prepackaged and the serial numbers taken down prior to the plane being hijacked. Isn't that a weird coincidence?
  8. Did he have the flaps down so the stairs could be lowered? I am not sure of the configuration of the 727, but if he had them flying at a certain speed with a certain configuration, it was for a specific purpose. It may seem too obvious, but this guy flew on these 727's during Vietnam. He had experience with them and chose this specific aircraft. It was not happenstance that he didn't hijack one of the Ford Tri-Motors, nor one of the McDonald Douglass planes (DC series). From what I understand, he had a problem lowering the stairwell until flaps were changed to 30 degrees. Also, at the airspeed of 170 mph it was too fast for the Huey's they would have deployed and too slow for the 206 jets they scrambled to follow which have a minimum speed (stall speed) of about 300 mph. This was planned like a military operation.
  9. As a smokejumper I made many jumps into the national forests in the NW. There is no way I would have chosen to jump at night into the woods. In fact, when I was a SJ we got a call from an SF unit asking us to teach them to jump into the trees in the middle of the night. We politely declined. However, as a SEAL, I jumped into the Bearing Sea in the middle of the night in similar conditions the night Cooper jumped. In fact winds were 22 knots (20 was the cutoff but our CO threw us out anyway). After being drug for miles, I finally cut away my parachute (which was highly frowned upon). I thought I would be ridiculed until I found out the rest of our platoon cut away as well. We recovered 2 chutes out of 16. So, yes, I have made jumps in difficult terrain and different altitudes (30,000 ft). And you don't freeze to death when you are jumping from that altitude. So, the idea he froze to death is ridiculous. His DZ (as I would have done if I planned this caper) would have been the Columbia River. It is between 2.5 - 4 miles wide in the area where the plane crossed the Columbia. This would have been a perfect DZ. In fact, I have jumped into the Columbia many times when I was stationed at the 304th in Portland as a PJ. We can all agree that DB Cooper had military training. He wasn't a thrill seeker, this was a planned military operation. The signal for him to jump was when the pilot got on the intercom and said "are you still there". He replied "yes". In the military, we call that type of communication confirm and verify. You send out a question and get a reply. Cooper replied, letting the pilot know he got the message and was exiting the aircraft. Hopefully we can agree that the DZ is now the Columbia. (we can disagree as to whether he was a frogman or another branch of SF...I like the frogman angle, but I may be prejudiced). President Nixon was meeting with Najeeb Halaby the day of the hijacking. You might want to look him up and ask yourself; did the FBI ever question this guy? He met with Nixon 3 hours prior to the hijacking?
  10. Why would they close the case? The FBI implemented a new unit that is designed to solve cold cases using DNA technology by combining CODIS (FBI criminal DNA database) with the private DNA databases, such as ancestry.com. The FBI knew they were going to be implementing this new program and had to clean up their own closet first. The FBI "lost" the cigarette butts. They could have used them to do exactly what they are doing now to solve these decades old cold cases. But, they had to make sure their biggest liability was taken care of, so they closed the DB Cooper case two years prior to implementing this new task force.
  11. November 24, 1971 Najeeb Halaby was meeting with president Nixon at 14:40-15:11 EST. This is 3 hours prior to DB Cooper hijacking the plane. At the time of the HJ, Halaby was the CEO of Pan Am. The New York Times listing when he died: At various times in his life, Mr. Halaby was a skydiver, test pilot, lawyer and businessman, most notably at Pan American World Airways. He started as a senior vice president at Pan Am in 1965, became president in 1968, chief executive in 1969 and then chairman the next year. The FBI didn't think to question this person who was meeting with "Tricky Dick" 3 hours prior to the hijacking? Najeeb did the first transcontinental jet flight out of EDWARDS AFB. And most of you know Edwards is the testing facility for all the military regarding experimental jumps. He christened the first 747 a year before with the First Lady, Pat Nixon present in January of 1970. Suffice it to say, Najeeb had a very keen interest in the 747 project, as his airline, Pan Am, was the first to order and purchase the wide body 747. October 8, 1971 the US Attorney General, John Mitchell was in Gearhart, OR. If you don't know where Gearhart is, look on a map. It is at the mouth of the Columbia. Gearhart is a town of 1400 people (or less at the time). He was supposedly giving a speech to the members of the Oregon State Bar Assn. Do any of you find this coincidental?