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  1. [/url]Hell yes i am. Here is one of the reasons why. RIP " OD" Go Big My friend.... This is a story from the Gift of Hope website, Kevin was my best friends. My wife wrote this .. http://www.robi.org/dfr/personalstories.asp# This morning, a very good friend of mine was pronounced brain dead after a snow mobile accident two days earlier. He was only 37 years old. He just got married four months ago, and now his newlywed bride is a widow. It was a devastating blow to all of his friends and family. Kevin was the nicest guy any one would ever want to meet. There was not a soul on this earth who could ever say a single bad word about him. The pain we all feel right now is overwhelming. However, all day long my husband and I kept talking about all of the families out there today who are getting a call telling them to go to the hospital because their prayers were answered... they finally have the organ that they were waiting and praying for and now their loved one will live. As painful as Kevin's death is, it is so comforting to know that even at his worst, he is doing his best. So many lives were saved today because of Kevin's love, and his love for others has helped ease our pain. It is through his death that he gave life. We love you Kevin, and you will be greatly missed. God bless you and all of the lives you have touched... especially those of the lucky recipients of your greatest gift. You may not have had any children of your own, but you have still given life. WE LOVE YOU KEVIN! From Shannon Ryan [url]
  2. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you don't take offense to this but I do wonder though, don't you feel as though you're diminishing what they died for/doing by quitting because of their deaths? *** Not at all. They are dead I am not. When I got into the sport April of 2000, I did 200 plus jumps in 6 months. I love everything about the sport. I just looked at my life, where it is now, with a good business, 4 kids under the age of 9 years old and made a choice for now to back off. If I was single I would still be jumping, truth be told I don’t have the time I did a few years ago, but when I have lost 3 friendsand knew another 4 that died in 3 years it was a decision I made. I miss everything about it but right now my family comes first, I also lost my best friend of 25 years Last January in a snow mobile accident so I guess I am being selfish to myself and for once in my life putting my family first.
  3. GRRRRRRRRR...today has sucked. Some days I simply HATE my job. As most of you know I teach in an inner city middle school (6-8). I also teach the remedial classes so I get lots of kids with lots of different problems. They are generally anti-social and don't get along well with others. In my second class I have a new girl who has moved here and lives in a local group home. She has obviously been in trouble before or she wouldn't be here. The home will not tell me why she is there. They are not very supportive either. Today was only her second day in my class. When I tried to get her to pay attention and attempt to do the classwork she refused and was writing a note. I took the note and redirected her, but she again started writing a note and told me she didn't have to do what I said. I took the second note and she started a third. At that point I figured we were at an impass so I told her to step outside the room. She grabbed her pencil and I asked her to leave it because the kids write on the walls and I just had mine cleaned. Well after three requests she turned around and flung it at me. It hit about 8 inches away from me. She then proceeded out the door slamming it with all her might...and bumped into the assistant principal. Now I have to decide if I press charges or not. So what would you do? And yes, I'm so ready for a beer. I now have my classroom door locked because she is absolutely CRAZY and having fits int he office. *** Basically I just wanted to see if you guys agree with me about not pressing charges. *** No i dont agree. This is what you posted. I gave my opinion to your question. Where does it say read all the post after my question then give me your answer.
  4. Keith, Thanks for the honest response.
  5. and here I've got another question, there's like what? 30-40 skydiving fatalities every year? and that's spread over like the world(or is that just the US?)and spread over the course of a whole year, so I mean, it seems to me the odds of knowing anyone who's died, much less several, seems kinda quite low. Not trying to be disrespectful, but I'm curious *** 3 friends in 2 years. One of the people was my mentor. After he died i called it quits for now.
  6. Agreeded. Pussy has got to taste better then a ballbag.
  7. ok, What is the difference between a homo and a gay person then?
  8. If i let some man, i never would, blow me i think that makes me gay. Bi is the same as gay you just like to do both sexes.
  9. Why do you ask these questions?*** I think they ask them because they are in denial that they are gay. You smoke pole you are gay. If you like to drop the soap you are gay. If the smell of another mans ass gives you wood you are gay..
  10. Leaving the sport Quote | Reply -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A recent post made me wonder: why do people leave the sport? Often, when looking at used gear in the classifieds, it will mention that the seller is leaving the sport. Why do people stop skydiving? Injuries, age, money? These are all factors...just curious to hear reasons you've heard... Time to take over the world. YEEEEEEEE!!! *** I sold all my gear and have not jumped but once in the last year. Way to many people close to me getting killed. Time for a break. Have i quit i dont think so just to to re evaluate my life at the present time. Wife 4 little kids..makes ya think...
  11. 1) Is Having sex with someone of the same sex enough to be considered gay? Or is being gay more than just sex? *** yep you are gay...
  12. all depends on what line of work you are in.
  13. You took the job working with troubled kids in the inner city. If you are going to press charges on a troubled kid, who lives in a shelter ,you need to look for a new job. That will not help the kid at all. Try to put yourself in the kids shoes for a day. You have a family that loves you, a nice home, good friends, good food, nice cloths etc. This kid has nothing.