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  1. 1-7 240 nav 7-15 200 15-17 pulse 170 17-85 pilot 150 85-120 pilot 132 120-present Katana 120
  2. jiaco


    Soft, consistent on heading openings. Responsive toggles and moderately responsive to harness turns. Excellent canopy to learn on. Only complaint i have is the canopy recovers too quickly from a front riser dive even when loaded at 1.6 as mine is.
  3. Yes I've got a personal log set up with all my military jumps on it and soon to be civilian jumps. Good info thanks
  4. Hello, I'm an american currently stationed in Italy with the army. I am going to be starting an AFF course here in Italy and my DZ obviously is not a USPA DZ. Wondering what the process is to be able to count my jumps towards an A license so i can continue to jump when i get sent back to the states. Thanks