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  1. While we are talking Cossey, I need to correct something from my previous posts...While saying Cossey was the only civilian rigger working in that area, I correct myself. I believe Cossey was the only civilian " Master. " rigger working that area. Sorry for mistake. Evidently you must have to be a Master rigger in order to pack the reserve chutes such as the ones Cooper received? I think Hager believed Cooper requested reserve chutes, although I am not sure that there is any evidence to substantiate Hag's belief?
  2. Really enjoying the discussions ! Going back to some of the earlier ones..... I also have wondered about some of Cooper's use of phrases ? Some sound contrived, others sound borrowed from a movie? Was it rehearsed or was it part of his usual banter? Not sure what, if anything, it says about Cooper? Not sure who posted it....but very thought provoking was the post on the timing of Cooper handing the initial note to Flo .....Great post!! What would Cooper have done if Flo had flipped out and screamed or something else to draw attention to the situation? Why not wait till they are in the air? A mistake in planning? Kinda sounds like it to me, lmho. Once again, very thought provoking. Excellent post!
  3. Couldn't get authorization? Very hard to believe that they couldn't get authorization, in my humble opinion.
  4. I was under the impression that there were a total of 4 aircraft pursuing 305 that night? Where did you get 7 aircraft in pursuit?
  5. Does anyone really think there would be enough time for the military to contact and locate a military rigger and then have him unpack the chutes, add the chaff , and then repack the chutes, and get them delivered, all within Cooper's demanded time frame? As far as proving Cossey was the only civilian rigger working that area..... Find a parachute owned by someone in that area, during this time, that had been packed or repacked by someone other than Cossey. I bet you would have trouble finding one.
  6. As per the last sentence, I might respectfully disagree.
  7. I have a hard time believing Cooper would accept chutes he knew came from McChord.
  8. Of course they would contact Cossey. If he's the only civilian rigger working that area and they only have a certain window of time to find them ( the chutes ) and have them delivered to the airport, who else are they going to contact? And it wasn't coincidence that he was the one who packed Hayden's chute. As the only civilian rigger working that area at the time and also as the only one that had been there for the previous few years, it didn't matter where the chutes came from. They almost certainly were going to be chutes packed by Cossey, given the time frame they were working with. Cooper's foolproof plan to make sure he wasn't getting a chute that had been fucked with?
  9. According to Hager..... Cossey was the only civilian rigger working in that area at the time of the hijacking. In fact Hag said he had been the only rigger in that area for a few years preceding the hijacking. Hager told me. ( according to his research ) that the closest working rigger to Cossey lived and worked about 4 or 5 hours away from Seattle. I believe the guy lived north and east of Seattle. He might have been across the state line? Hag also mentioned about one other rigger that might have packed some chutes during this time. Hag said there was a small airport in the southern part of the state ( Washington ). I think it was about 20 or 30 miles east of Vancouver Washington, maybe just a little north as well. It was operated by a husband and wife. They had a son that was a certified rigger. Although he might have stayed in the state of Washington at times, Hag said this guy worked ( as a rigger ) in the state of Oregon. Hag thought it possible that this rigger might have packed some chutes at his mom and dad's airport for some of their customers? As far as Hager could tell these were the only civilian riggers working anywhere near the hijacking. There were , of course, many different military riggers working during this time. Might this be why Cossey was relevant? ( if he indeed was the only civilian rigger working that area ) Who else was the. F.B.I. going to go to?
  10. Not necessarily knew him personally. More like knew of him being the only civilian rigger working in that area.
  11. I am thinking that Cooper was looking for Cossey's name on the packing card.
  12. It almost certainly was Cooper that pulled out the packing card. The bigger question is why? What was was he looking for on the packing card? How could the information on the packing card help him? I think there might be an obvious answer but I'm waiting to hear if there's another reason he might have been looking at the packing card? From a sky diver's point of view is there any reason Cooper needed to look at the packing card?,
  13. I believe there was a switch on the main track that diverted cars onto a short piece of train tracks running parallel to the main tracks. This short piece of track was located between the main track and the back of the store.(pretty sure) In fact I think you posted a pic that showed this switch. This was a while back.
  14. I don't believe this statement to be correct. I believe that the trains did in fact slow down in this area. In fact, I believe that the trains actually came to a complete stop while loading and unloading cars and such.
  15. The last paragraph goes a long way in explaining my issues with what Eric continues to post over and over. It's nothing personal, it has nothing to do with capitalism, it has nothing to do with CooperCon. It has everything to do with impeding progress in the investigation.
  16. Nice work, Fly. Would love to hear more about it. Congrats!
  17. Nice find with the shoes Fly! The pics show shoes with laces, were any slip on types made? Weren't Cooper's loafers identified as slip ons?
  18. So you post that you are going to talk to this guy and ask if anyone has any questions we would like you to ask him. Then you trash me for asking if you have talked with him yet. Are you sure your name isn't Richard Blevins cause you sure sound like a Dick!
  19. You say that nothing suggests that he had any skydiving experience. If that is the case how do you explain his ability to put on a parachute with no problem? I think you may be mistaken.
  20. I would be curious as to what he said also. Did you talk with him?
  21. Could you ask if he remembers a very big guy that everyone called "Bear"? He was a person heavily involved in the skydiving crowd at that time. He may have had some involvement with the chutes related to Cooper.
  22. I thought agent Carr at one time stated that two chutes (back chutes ?) were delivered to Boeing field by cab before being sent to Sea-tec by a private vehicle driven by an unnamed individual? I think I read this at Bruce Smith's website. I think it was in an article pertaining to Cossey, possibly around the time of his death?
  23. As per last few posts... I thought I had read somewhere that the state patrol delivered Hayden's chutes? Wasn't one (or two?) delivered by private vehicle by someone not named in the F.B.I. docs? Is it possible that Cossey misled the public about the public about the Amboy chute on orders from the F.B.I. ?
  24. Thanks for the pic Flyjack! It isn't the exact pic I was talking about but works just as well.