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  1. Hey all skydivers and tunnel flyers,please watch Freezone windtunnel - unique place in Moscow: Welcome to indoor skydiving dream world - FREEZONE!- The only place in the world with two big SkyVenture tunnels 12,5ft and 16,5ft in one building- A great professional team with English speaking coaches and high level sportsmen (Freefly world champions are working here)- An excellent service: you will have a personal manager, visa support, booking, consultation, organization your time- Indoor&outdoor skydiving both! There are 3 dropezones in Moscow area, 2 of them are USPA members, 1 is just 30 min driving from the tunnel- Big city life in one of the biggest and most beautiful capitals in the worldAnd finally - awesome prices! Pay less, fly more!16,5ft tunnel is about 310 euro per 1 hour at the day time, 12,5ft tunnel is 290 euro.Best offer ever - 10 hours package in Freezone windtunnel. If you buy 10 hours you will have 4 bonus for free-1 extra hour of flying- transfer from the airport and back- living in a double room near the tunnel- excursion to Moscow And we are open Hotel,Wave machine!Please contact us on our Facebook page or email: [email protected]