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  1. Just FYI, Tom announced that the DNA sample was not from Cooper, it was in fact his own that had contaminated the sample. Unfortunately.
  2. PG 191 & 192 of File 52 lists two suspects for DNA followup before McCoy. One from Eugene, the other from Egg Harbor NJ... Any idea who those guys are?
  3. I'm sure Joel would love to have you on the show to discuss your theories in depth.
  4. I disagree that I mischarecterized your argument, I just mentioned it as an alternative. It would probably take an entire hour long podcast just to go through your entire theory.
  5. You're right, that probably isn't true, but it could be a misunderstanding on the reporter's part. The FBI found plenty of fragments, the number and nature of which we are still unsure of.
  6. On the other forum we identified the scientist from the Army Corps of Engineers. The FBI brought in the best people from the area to examine the site. It's worth reading through the FBI documents on Tina bar just to see how much effort was put into understanding the money find. That particular newspaper article looks to be an accurate account of what was going on at the time.
  7. I forget his name, but it was a young hydrologist working for the Army Corps of Engineers that the FBI brought in. He's still alive, I tried contacting him through his office with no luck. He has a LinkedIn acct... PM if you want and I can find his name again.
  8. The crew thought Hahnemann was Cooper?
  9. Flyjack, I'm not sure there are 150 pieces of evidence in this case. I'm not sure there are more than 26 or 27 "elements" to make connections to... There's certainly only a few pieces of physical evidence in this case.
  10. By the time Gunther started researching his book, the FBI files would have been in the thousands of pages. Perhaps 10,000 even, Flyjack might have a good accounting of it. No one was reading through them to the extent we can now with digital searching. But maybe it is possible, I don't know. I don't know whether or not SA Milnes knew about Elsinore, nor do I know if maybe Cossey dropped that rumor to Gunther. It seems impossibly unlikely to me, and I see no obvious motive for Milnes or Cossey to feed this info to Gunther. But I guess it is possible someone fed that to Gunther. What is not possible is Gunther being fed Tom Kaye's forensic spectroscopy results from the future.
  11. I don't believe Gunther talked to anyone at the FBI who would have known about Elsinore. That investigation was done by the LA office and was concluded long before the book was being researched. Cossey would not have known about it, and Gunther talked to no other Skydivers.
  12. Gunther's book shouldn't be graded as a book, but as a source document for the only Cooper story to have forensic science confirm parts of the story after the fact.
  13. There are plenty of wrong details about the hijacking in the book. The reason is simple, Clara didn't know them because she wasn't on the plane. I go into those errors in depth in my book.
  14. Anyone who wore a tie would have had limited exposure to the chemicals, yet there they are on the tie. Tom Kaye says we're looking for an engineer or manager in the industrial chemicals world. Gunther's LeClair was a manager in industrial chemicals, among several positions held at several chemical companies over many years, according to the book. More information on the tie and Kaye's conclusions can be found at Kaye's website. Regardless, Gunther's story is the only one that has had major connections to the recent research done by Tom Kaye, not to mention the Elsinore investigation explicated in the FBI FOIA documents, an investigation no one had ever heard or talked about until after the FOIA documents were released. Gunther's book warrants further investigation.
  15. Great article, really puts Gunther's decision to publish into perspective. From what I gathered just looking at the text, Gunther talked extensively with Ralph Himmelsbach, and he almost certainly spoke with SA Milnes as the text reads like a stylized newspaper interview. Unfortunately, it looks like Milnes was feeding him absolute garbage. I write a little about it in my book. It appears Gunther talked to Cossey, but otherwise he didn't talk to any other skydivers. Cossey, at this point, still believed Cooper survived. Checking my notes, Gunther talked to or at least cited SA Harold Campbell Jr and one snippet was credited to an anonymous FBI agent. Otherwise, it looks like much of Gunther's text was summarized from newspaper accounts. I haven't counted the number of pages directly related to Clara's story, but it's not much. As for whether Clara was an FBI plant sent to feed misinformation to a best-selling journalist, there's still the problem of the time traveling FBI agent who tells Clara to tell Gunther to make Dan Cooper an outside sales guy, manager and executive in the industrial chemicals industry so it matches up with Tom Kaye's tie findings in 2008. Gunther also made Cooper a French Canadian before the Dan Cooper Comics lead was discovered.
  16. Before reading the book, I thought Gunther's story was going to be a joke too. However, his "Dan LeClair" matches Tom Kaye's tie findings and the recent FOIA documents show Gunther somehow knew about the investigation at Elsinore Paracenter. Gunther died before he could benefit from Kaye's spectroscopy work, so unless he had a time machine... I don't particularly care about the rest of his oeuvre, he was a writer trying to make a living. You do what you got to do. I sourced everything in Gunther's book. He only talked to two FBI agents, J Earl Milnes and Ralph Himmelsbach.
  17. Fly- I was going through the latest FBI documents (47/48/49) and didn't see anything related to Max Gunther, did you see anything?
  18. It would be incredible if Cooper got the military chutes from McChord and not one of Hayden's... To think the FBI ignored at least half a dozen parachute finds because they didn't match their now called-into-question records...
  19. It's available on Kindle and in hard copy on Amazon. If you pm me I can dropship a copy to you. I used to give out the pdf version but I'm currently editing another edition, so I've stopped doing that until I finish the revisions.
  20. Once again this thread has been hijacked by personality conflictd, despite the fact more FBI documents have been released. We have a parachute found in E. Fork Lewis River, no more than a mile or two from a break-in at a general store. We have new information about Tina Bar. And yet we talk about events outside the case...
  21. How did they know the chute was white? It says so in the FBI docs, but it's not like they pulled the chute out of the container before they gave it to Cooper. It had to have been either Cossey or Hayden who told them.
  22. What was the address of that store that was broken into?
  23. Batch 46 is nice because there are actually helpful margin notes from whoever the case agent was at the time.
  24. That goes back to the problem with the parachute descriptions. No one would put a 28' canopy in an NB6. You wouldn't find a white 28' canopy in an NB8. So they were looking for the wrong parachute from the start.