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  1. My helmet is a 1. My visor has never opened in the tunnel or freefall. I do put a little tape on the bottom of the visor for the tunnel. Just in case.
  2. I use one. They work fine. Just tape down the side covers so you dont lose them. I also put a little tape in the visor just in case.
  3. I have an original Freezr. I can see my handles. I had to move the chin strap back to make it more secure. Also check the price & availability of face shields. They are expensive & they do break once in while.
  4. Here is some contact information that has worked in the past. Give it a try. (914) 484 -1448 [email protected] Paratec-USA Inc. PO Box 276 Valhalla,NY 10595
  5. Pete is a fantastic coach. He has so much 4 way knowledge and gets you do your best. Marty - CrossKeys Air Pollution
  6. I cracked mine the same way last winter. One finger slipped off one side and it cracked. Luckily it cracked out of my line of site. I drilled the end of the crack and have been using it for over a year. The crack gives it the flexibility it needed. I have about 10 hrs in the tunnel with it. I tape the visor down and the side covers also. I lost a side cover in the tunnel once.
  7. At X-keys you have Mark Kruse's Loft. Rigging Adventures. I am sure he can help you out. I think this is his number (856) 262-9958 or call the DZ
  8. Word of caution giant squid fighting enthusiasts. Giant squid are some slimy suckers. Make sure your skydiving gear is cleared out of the fighting area. Get a little bit of that slime on a rig and you will be doing a lot of solo's. The stench from giant squid slime makes a Packoslovinahemian Camel smell like a bunch of roses. But at least you will have plenty of room on the airplane. I am putting my 20 bucks on JDRP. The Packosovinahemian Champion.
  9. There you have it "THE INCREDIBLE SICK WILL will be at Freezefest!" I am not sure what will be the highlight of this magnificent event called FREEZEFEST. THE LEGENDARY STEVE LOVE organizing the Love loads. ( He once saved a Dart & a Badminton Birdie you know ) THE ALMOST LEGENDARY ALAN IRONS representing his homeland, Packoslaveniahama. Chuck Norris, Gary Busey, Gary Coleman, Barry Bichler all making appearances. And the list goes on. How could it get any better?
  10. "the Medicine Hat moose milking calamity of 2005" Sounds like a serious Personal Problem - Very Personal.
  11. Had some spectacular "LOVE LOADS" on Sunday. Can't wait to see what he has planned for Freezefest. I just wish they would pass the key for the handcuffs to the front of the King Air faster. Being last out, by the time the key gets there you have a very long swoop to the formation. Maybe we should start passing the key to uncuff when the flaps come down. Instead of when the door opens. Group separation has been great since we started using the cuffs.
  12. Did it. Submitted comments Chunky Bunky