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  1. I don’t take your comment the wrong way at all. I’m all about downsizing appropriately and safely. I am completely aware that I have no business jumping this rig any time soon. I’m really just trying to set myself up to have my own gear that I’m happy with once I get quite a few more jumps under my belt. I had planned on continuing to rent for a while and work on my canopy piloting skills as much as possible over the next couple seasons. To be completely honest I have no desire to fly this katana 107. I got ahead of myself buying gear a while back before I was more educated in the sport. Expensive mistake yes but now I know better. I have a second rig at my dz right now getting inspected by the rigger before I pull the trigger on it so I’ll hopefully be in the sky with my own (appropriately sized) gear soon. Don’t worry about sounding like a dick when you’re keeping people safe. I appreciate the feedback
  2. I was curious if anyone has experience in packing a pulse 150 into a small container. A mirage mt specifically. On mirages website they claim to have a few 135s that are a firm fit or firm-recommended in this container so I was wondering with the pulses lower pack volume if you could fit it in there or if it’s just a bad idea to try all around. All comments are much appreciated. Thanks