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  1. Just want a speedy recovery from my Hernia (inguinal) surgery tomorrow. Never had surgery ion my adult life! Nervous about ansthesic putting me to sleep. Hope to be backat work 1-4-2011. Other than that I want a good chess software for pc - Windows 7 compatible. (chessmaster, or Fritz12) Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!
  2. May be way out there if he does not play chess. But how about this from A "Sant Fe Train Chess Set" "The train enthusiast and collector can enjoy a game of chess with diesel vs steam powered locomotives and train engines." Or maybe just a train engineer hat? Others here that play chess may enjoy this site for Christmas gift ideas.
  3. It would be even funnier if it was the John Prine song!
  4. GARYC24

    Caption this!

    "Our House is a very very fine house"
  5. In my neighborhood they use those little yellow/orange signs shape like a kid for "caution" whenever they have a Bday party. Get 1 or two set it out and if he runs one over take a pic, call cops. They put them out even tho kids don't play in street. Unsure what the rules/instructions are of where to place them, however in order to run over it one would have to really aim for it.
  6. Is it me? In this one I see a stick figure of person dancing with long arms (right side) (left side) I see an outline of a dog's head. (from your first post attchment)
  7. All I know is the angle of the dangle is directly proportional to the heat of the meat providing the root remains constant.
  8. Correct! I meant Tonic..sorry...It seems to work/help as well.
  9. I get cramps so bad in my legs! Like a charly-horse that won't stop. a few times late at night I actually thought about calling 911 cause I could not move ! Felt like something would rip apart. Anyways.. my foot Dr. suggested to get/drink seltzer water with Quinine in it. Also, got these quinine tabs from health food store. The potassiuom thing, from what I heard is you REALLY have to be WAY low for it to be the cause or solution. Seriously, try the quinine and tabs (called Night Cramps) give me a follow up!
  10. QuoteYeah! Boobies are out in front of Hamburger/Tuna/Chicker Helpers by about 3:1... I think we may be onto a new diet plan here!!! [/reply breast milk diet.. 2 titties in the morning and a sensible dinner! (larry the cable guy)
  11. Happy Birthday ! I still appreciate the rodeo tickets at Fair that year. Just to let you know I still remember it! Gary Calhoun
  12. Check out Camarillo, Ca. Close to quite a few smaller venues as well. Lots of places for sale around here. It would be worth a look. Off topic here, I plan on getting tix to see Mick Taylor/David Knoefler (spelling ?) at the Canyon Club I was thinking of getting 2 tickets and taking someone, include dinner (my treat) May 14 (friday) If anyone is interested pm me! Just thought I'd add this here while I'm typing. Gary Calhoun
  13. All I see is holey cheeses on the top right.
  14. Ventura county here. Missed the 17 ft. waves this week! I hope it does rain ALOT! I got to bring some fishing gear inside, thanks for reminding me! haha
  15. This year my workplace has ended paper checks & check stubs (for direct deposit people). This has all been replaced with either going direct deposit OR get a Paycard (for those who do not have checking accounts. Have to go on-line to see/printout checkstub,PTO, Sick time, etc. Also, just this week, have to sign on to view on-line Benefits, this was must-do within 1 week to log-in OR your benefits will be terminated. Anyone else have these changes?
  16. A backpack style tackle box. Either from Cabella's or a Browning backpack from Bass Pro Shops. "WFO" brand is nice but everybody's got one, plus WFO stands for Wide Fucking Open, so I want something other than that. Also, sendng gifts to nephwews, neice and money to my Mom.
  17. I nodded off a few times during the movie. But, Hilary did look very much like her!
  18. Overnight fishing boat trip (Outer Channel Islands) My second attempt, the first time the boat broke down 20 minutes out! Leave 10:00pm, 5 hour ride out, fish Sat. morning. Sunday, having a fish fry!