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  1. On 3/19/2020 at 6:25 PM, wolfriverjoe said:

    You don't give a 'bat's ass' that the President is a racist asshole?
    That his base is also a bunch of racist assholes, who love this sort of shit?
    That he's using this as a distraction to hide how miserably he's managed this situation?
    That his race-baiting is likely at least partly at fault for the increase in attacks on Asians?

    Or, is it just 'Fuck them'?

    I'm am not a racist asshole. And I'll vote for trump.again...what do you think of that...

    I'm a regular asshole like anyone else 

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  2. 1 hour ago, kallend said:

    I care when our legislators are self-serving hypocrites.  Obviously you don't.

    I meant why dont you ask the person you was wondering about. The who care part meant to be who cares what you were wondering...

  3. On 3/22/2020 at 4:33 PM, kallend said:

    I wonder if Sen. Rand Paul is benefiting from a nice taxpayer subsidized healthplan.  The very thing he consistently opposes for the taxpayers at large.

    Why dont you ask him? Who cares

  4. At first I thought this was to post open mic videos of guitar or other open mic stuff..I fart around with guitar 

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  5. I'm moving from  California to southern Illinois. Be closer to family. Family  been wanting me to for years. Now I want to. Haven't skydived in yrs. 557 logged. It's a big deal to me and will be good thing. Getting older, closer to family and broaden my horizons is what keeps positive. 

  6. Ever thought of just keeping it skydive related and not have bonfire or speakers corner. I have not made a jump in years..only 557 jumps. Took 14 yrs to do that. Going to get current or do at least one more. I like but do not like all the opinions...maybe by opinion does not matter...since I'm old news

  7. Met Bill at Perris, got maybe 2 bad photos somewhere. Helped him get a tire fixed on his Cadillac in town, bought him a glass of milk. And got literature from the Bible stuff he was working on somewhere at home. Also, kept in touch via other emails in the past. Christmas day, huh? Had to post something, always liked him, he seemed to like me too.[email]

  8. Got a ticket for Sat. Have not seen them since 1975 Louisvile, Ky. (~$12.50) Had to stand in line for tix back then. Now I got 1 online and had to print ticket out, hope there is no problems at the door! stubhub seems safe. (total $206.25) way overpriced, but worth it to me at this time
    Been a good month for concerts; went from dinner show for Merle Haggard earlier at small venue.