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  1. Lisa, glad to read your post! Off your topic but dont ask me how, but I saw a article thing that made me think you. It was kinda shocking, I thought you were not here...long story...just wanted to put this end.
  2. What does a pirate say when he gets kicked in the nuts? Menards!
  3. I'm am not a racist asshole. And I'll vote for trump.again...what do you think of that... I'm a regular asshole like anyone else
  4. I meant why dont you ask the person you was wondering about. The who care part meant to be who cares what you were wondering...
  5. Why dont you ask him? Who cares
  6. GARYC24

    Open mic fun

    At first I thought this was to post open mic videos of guitar or other open mic stuff..I fart around with guitar
  7. Nothing but Trump haters wonder why people kill themselves.
  8. My older brother died from ALS 11-1-19. Alone I know the feeling
  9. Beach dives were hard for me..threw up everytime..
  10. 58 days here landed good job good pay with benefits, largest manufacture in marion Illinois. Got 2 bdrm apart $595 a month. The cold, ice and even snow came quick..ha ha
  11. Thanks for reply. I driving back this Sunday. I have no problem doing a tandem..after all these years..I looked at drop zones there..I'll be in steelville, Illinois and marion ,carbondale area.
  12. I'm moving from California to southern Illinois. Be closer to family. Family been wanting me to for years. Now I want to. Haven't skydived in yrs. 557 logged. It's a big deal to me and will be good thing. Getting older, closer to family and broaden my horizons is what keeps positive.
  13. Ever thought of just keeping it skydive related and not have bonfire or speakers corner. I have not made a jump in years..only 557 jumps. Took 14 yrs to do that. Going to get current or do at least one more. I like but do not like all the opinions...maybe by opinion does not matter...since I'm old news
  14. I plan on seeing Jeff Bridges in dinner/concert show at the Canyon Club. He does country stuff.
  15. Yes. Still play a lot.. Though with high rated club players. Redhot pawn, and gameknot. Plus club & help once a month sometimes @ kids chess meets.