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  1. Once I year I sing this song to myself: "Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday dear .." (I get choked up and can’t finish the song at this point).
  2. GARYC24

    New name for new dog

    Oliver Twist.
  3. GARYC24

    Airline(s) cancellations?

    What time? I leave around 11:00 am Will be 2 hours early and will be at the bar, nearest American Airlines, going to St. Louis then to Marion, Ill.
  4. GARYC24

    Airline(s) cancellations?

    Anyone here been affected with any airlines being cancelled? Especially American Airlines? I have tickets for May 16th, getting kinda concern about possible cancellations. Thanks, Gary
  5. GARYC24

    Whatcha readin'?

    THE IMMORTAL GAME A History of Chess -- or How 32 Carved Pieces on a Board Illuminated Our Understanding of War, Art, Science and the Human Brain by David Shenk I finally found it in paper back. I'm trying not to read it all now. Saving it for a vacation, with a 5 hour layover in St. Louis.
  6. GARYC24

    I need some names...

    How about "Plissken" for a male name.
  7. GARYC24

    April 3-4, 1974

    I was in Valley Station, Ky. Listening to radio and hearing about tornados touching down pretty close to our neighborhood. I lived off of Dixie Highway.
  8. GARYC24

    Semi (or pro) things you have done

    The Love Connection in 1991 (was the picker, still keep in touch with her she’s married now) Movie Extra for: Space Jam, ER, Water World, The Murphy Brown Show (Actually, had about 30 seconds of close-up)
  9. GARYC24

    Favorite Comedians

    Red Skelton Redd Foxx Bill Cosby Carol Burnett
  10. GARYC24

    Cash Cab

    I watch it all the time. There have been two bonus video's involving skydiving and base jumping. The skydiving question was about material (answer was nylon) I believe the clip was from Canopy 101 video(?). The one made in Florida.
  11. GARYC24

    what other sports do you do

    Learning to surf. Great excercise, and close to home. (Long board only)
  12. GARYC24

    I'm super excited!

    If ya ever fly into Camarillo, let me know in advance)weekends), I'll buy ya lunch. I took a few lessons there and in Oxnard (1 intro flight). Gary Calhoun
  13. GARYC24

    Priscilla Presley on "Dancing with the Stars"

    Her and the red head lady in Desparate Housewives could be sisters! I like both of them and the show!
  14. GARYC24

    Robin Trower on Tour

    I saw him this past Friday (Ventura Theatre). I met him last year outside in his car. I ran into Timotht B. Schmit (bass player foo the Eagles) in the corridor. I'm gonna have to get an electric guitar!
  15. GARYC24

    Anyone here a Hapkido Student?

    I got up to Purple belt in the school I go to. However, the instructor moved out of state and no replacement. We learned different falls, hand grabs, holds and throws. LOVED IT. I suggest to excersise/stretch your hands, wrist and knees.
  16. GARYC24

    Jerry MacCauley killed in Iraq

    Lost for words, beside you Chris, Jerry was the only person who video'ed the few CRW jumps I did (1997). Gary Calhoun
  17. GARYC24


    Oh, well. Now that it's over, I have to admit what I posted was based on something I read that involved the movie I Am Legend, copy and paste my post and google it. I'm was thinking someone would have gotten that. Later, Gary
  18. GARYC24


    I predict the Giants lose to Patriots for second time this season 23 to 7.
  19. GARYC24

    Is a man pursuing a woman archaic to you guys???

    Damn,You'll have to start a thread about that one and let us know how it goes. GET THIS! I found her! 22 yrs. later (now) Long story short, I got her number and spoke to her last night! At least I know she's alive and well. Made me think of this thread, so I searched and pulled it back-up. I feel really good today! Gary
  20. GARYC24

    Sammich Lovers Unite! Subway Drive Thru in Order!

    I hear that (in my area in Ca. anyways) that you get 2 for 1 per order, on rainy days.
  21. GARYC24

    Chasing down a Celeb..

    United Talent Agency 9560 Wilshire Boulevard 5th Floor Beverly Hills, California 90212 USA I googled searched this.
  22. GARYC24

    Your 2008 Non-Skydiving Goals

    1. Become better at surfing. 2. Become healthier, mentally and physically. (mostly physical) 3. Expand and improve my guitar playing. 4. Save more money. 5. Stay out of debt. 6. Maybe get my own apt. (even a studio apt). 7. Improve at playing chess. Is the song TEXAS by Chris Rea?
  23. GARYC24

    As if I don't have enough shit going on already

    Put a plaque on your desk that reads "Thou shalt not kill" I used to run the soundboard for 5 yrs for a church. Went last Sunday with a friend, first time in 2 yrs. First thing they ask " hey, you want to do sound 2nd service?"
  24. GARYC24

    Name the event.

    I jumped it during a Halloween Boogie 1 year. Got video/stills by Leigh Web. Winds all weekend, took some of us up while it returned to Camarillo,sometime that Sunday afternoon. I live in Camarillo, it has not been there for years. I think it went to France or Switzerland. There is still a Connie here, but not does not fly.
  25. GARYC24

    Toad-Licker Arrested. Toad also Arrested.

    This story reminded of an old LA Law episode.