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  1. GARYC24

    Heads up to Socal people - rain

    Ventura county here. Missed the 17 ft. waves this week! I hope it does rain ALOT! I got to bring some fishing gear inside, thanks for reminding me! haha
  2. GARYC24

    Work places going on-lne with stuff

    This year my workplace has ended paper checks & check stubs (for direct deposit people). This has all been replaced with either going direct deposit OR get a Paycard (for those who do not have checking accounts. Have to go on-line to see/printout checkstub,PTO, Sick time, etc. Also, just this week, have to sign on to view on-line Benefits, this was must-do within 1 week to log-in OR your benefits will be terminated. Anyone else have these changes?
  3. GARYC24

    If you were a fish ...

    A Garybaldy
  4. GARYC24

    What's on your Christmas Wish List?

    A backpack style tackle box. Either from Cabella's or a Browning backpack from Bass Pro Shops. "WFO" brand is nice but everybody's got one, plus WFO stands for Wide Fucking Open, so I want something other than that. Also, sendng gifts to nephwews, neice and money to my Mom.
  5. GARYC24

    Gifts that keep on giving

  6. GARYC24

    Movie: "Amelia"

    I nodded off a few times during the movie. But, Hilary did look very much like her!
  7. GARYC24

    Weekend Plans

    Overnight fishing boat trip (Outer Channel Islands) My second attempt, the first time the boat broke down 20 minutes out! Leave 10:00pm, 5 hour ride out, fish Sat. morning. Sunday, having a fish fry!
  8. GARYC24

    Can you guess what I am thinking?

  9. GARYC24

    Just Met Christian Slater . . .

    This made me think of the barber shop scene in Gran Torino!
  10. GARYC24

    How many "Bro-doms" can you come up with?

    Broner. That's when your sitting around watching porno with your Bro's and get a boner!
  11. GARYC24

    First triathlon (the race, not the canopy)

    I'll tell ya the same thang my daddy told me. If you ain't First, your LAST!
  12. GARYC24

    Lunch at the airport

    Been there quite a few times. Was there Sunday at the airshow (wings over Camarillo). They got good looking waitress's there!
  13. GARYC24

    Anyone know anything about surfing?

    I recommend a "soft top" Long Board. It's the type that does not need to be waxed. It is also the ones they used at a place I took a lesson at. I have a Sunset board.
  14. GARYC24

    Full Moon

    I notice my desire to go fishing increases!
  15. GARYC24

    Time to go fishing

    Fishing is my lastest greatest enjoyment lately! I fish almost every weekend! I just booked an overnight trip today for end of April. Went last week got my limit of rockfish (3/4 day). I would like to try the helicopter thing from that video, but I wear glasses
  16. GARYC24

    Who knows about horse racing?

    My neighbor 2 houses down in KY. Wayne was his name, same age as my older brother. Must have been ~29 yrs old It was around 1978-1980 when he & I hung out together. Wayne, like to drink whisky a lot! Wayne, live at home, I believe both his parents for full fledge alcoholics. Wayne, had a bookie, I often wondered if Wayne was a bookie as well. I don’t remember him ever speaking of being at the tracks, but he definetley was at bars very close to Churchill Downs. After, a few years he seemed to be sick, probably the booze, however, he still made bets, either for himself or someone else. I don’t even know if he’s still alive now. I grew up in Valley Station, Ky. went to Lousiville Downs (harness racing) and Churchhill Downs with my parents quite a few times while I was going to school.
  17. GARYC24

    Resume - ever lied

    Maybe I have in regards to exact start & end dates. Also, have left some part time jobs out.
  18. My response has been saved and recorded with ID 9372655
  19. GARYC24

    Any So. Cal. Anglers on here?

    Going to the Fred Hall Fish & Tackle show in Long Beach, Ca. in March. Or been to one?
  20. GARYC24

    Shipping Errors - What's your strangest?

    A company I worked for years ago in the warranty service dept. We received a knee for someone's knee replacement.
  21. GARYC24

    Skydive coastal california?

    QuoteHi Gary! Yeah, it would be great. I could make it there over lunch. Might be enough incentive for me to get current, too. They'll get my support, for sure. I think it's about time for you to get current! LOL. Ouch! Ya hit a soft spot there. I updated my profile after reading that. If this place is for real, I'm there already! As soon as it quits raining. I should do a tandem, tho. I've got feet problems, etc. Keep in touch!
  22. GARYC24

    Skydive coastal california?

    Someone named "Michael" on the phone said they do not land at the airport, they land 3 miles north from there. Must be one of the farm lands out there, close to the Santa Clara river bed or something! I really hope there is one as well. I'll get current w/video and everything next payday!
  23. GARYC24

    Skydive coastal california?

    The photos are real on the website, as far as being in Camarillo,Ca. The directions seem kinda weird pertaining to entering the gate by the Airport Cafe and the actual address being on Durley (would be little bit of a walk) However, I just do not believe for many reasons you will take off, jump land or make a SKydive at the Camarillo Airport. There is no drop zone there, period!
  24. GARYC24

    Skydive coastal california?

    Funny someone brought this up. I live 3 red lights from Camarillo airport. There is no such drop zone there. I drove by there for shits & grins one day at the address advertised. It is where the police cars are parked at! Camarillo is so close to Pt. Mugu I doubt there will ever be a dropzone there. However, demos have been done at the Camarillo Air Show. Gary Calhoun
  25. GARYC24

    How many jobs have YOU had in your life?

    Just counting main (career jobs) since 1980. 8 different companies. Six of these places are no longer in buisness. Total jobs since High School: 17 Age: 49 Also, present job just lay-offed 3 engineers last Friday. Lots of doomsayers around. Work is slow and seems I'm lucky to still have a source of income.