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  1. I have jumped and visited many Drop Zones past and present and this is one of the nicest places I have been too, it would be a pleasure to jump with them.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I need to lose 50LBs thats for sure.
  3. Thanks for your reply Mark.
  4. Thanks for your reply Lee.
  5. I was about 240 now UGH! I could lose 50lbs and that would help.
  6. Thanks for the reply
  7. Hey Thanks man, will do..
  8. I am looking for large complete set of gear, I sold my rig years ago and want to start jumping again, I am 7 jumps short of 600. I am 6-4. 280 lbs, I had a 300sf main, no problem, but a container for my size is what I need, any leads or hints anyone?