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  1. RatelSquadron

    About to start AFF

    Is in Monterey somewhere. I went to Lodi. People are cool there. Mike and Robert were my teachers they are the best.
  2. RatelSquadron

    Monterey Skydive should be called out!

    You’re absolutely right, completely, I got really hot under the collar and wrote that in a very bad way, I’m wondering if I should edit it just for A day or two that I’m going to leave it up . I should’ve rethought how I written it but I keep going back to the actual issue itself and I’m definitely sticking to my guns on that.
  3. RatelSquadron

    Monterey Skydive should be called out!

    I would like to apologize to everybody for the way that this was written and conveyed. I could have written this much more eloquently. I should have written it with much more tact. I need to make it perfectly clear that my post had nothing to do with the accident itself, I don’t know anything about it, I am simply pissed off that someone lied to my face about safety, I wouldn’t lie to your face about anything and I think you would appreciate that. As far as the recording goes, I only started recording after I was being lied to and I could hear some other voices. It put a bad taste in my mouth, would it not have done that for you? And I only recorded because I got pissed and wanted to play it back a few times to myself, I have not played the recording to anyone, but I did say clearly and concisely, but quickly that the call was being monitored and recorded. There were absolutely no plans to use this for any malicious purpose of any kind. I am not sue happy, I am not someone who tries to get peoples hackles up but I am absolutely a person of integrity and principal and I did not appreciate being lied to. My final question for the people that are irritated is if you came into my business (welding) And you told me you were a brand new welder and you said you wanted to start using acetylene but then asked me if it would be OK for you to smoke a cigarette over 20 feet away because you weren’t quite sure if the gas reacts more like propane or natural gas and I said to you “sure, I’ve never seen an issue with anyone smoking and welding” but then you heard about some guy who blew up the whole shop years before because of it you would probably be pretty pissed off too... These are my final thoughts, I’m not going to answer or try to defend myself anymore, I’m simply going to wait for everyone that has chimed in to hopefully read this and remove the post, and then I’m going to never post again, become a very good knowledgeable skydiver so that when someone chimes in with limited experience I can educate and help instead of bash and hate. Hope you all have a wonderful day.
  4. RatelSquadron

    Monterey Skydive should be called out!

    That was absolutely hysterical, the shoelace was priceless
  5. RatelSquadron

    Monterey Skydive should be called out!

    I have, a bunch of people are shocked at the behavior on here. in YOUR Defense I did get shit for the way that it was written in my capitals but the few people I’ve talk to you in person in the last two days completely understood my point. And it’s interesting that you have to use attacks and profanity, it shows you’re quite understanding
  6. RatelSquadron

    Monterey Skydive should be called out!

    I do agree with the large font, I forget that in computer world that means yelling, I wasn’t yelling but it definitely rub me the wrong way. A lot of people have explained and I am understanding now that the report might not have been the best and I truly apologize for coming at this with some ignorance but it boils down to being lied to you, I really did not like that with someone that I was going to trust with my life, and that is exactly what happens if you’re a brand new person and you don’t know anything about this and you go out of the airplane door, so the other guy telling me I need to be responsible and know what I’m doing is absolutely ridiculous when it’s your first jump . ( and I’m not buying any of you assholes a case, maybe the nice folks that have explained to a new person but none of you haters )
  7. RatelSquadron

    Monterey Skydive should be called out!

    How can you say you are responsible despite who rented you the gear if you were a student and you don’t know any better and you were trying to learn and someone hands you something that might not be right? Again this is not really about the accident, it was about being lied to you about an incident
  8. RatelSquadron

    Monterey Skydive should be called out!

    I was just insulted because I knew that there had been an issue there and they were blatantly telling me there wasn’t, someone broke it down politely and kindly above and shed some light, I don’t like being lied to you and I don’t think any one does so primarily I’m calling them out for the integrity part. Whatever happened with the accident is one thing, it was just the fact that I was looking at the story on the computer as the girl was telling me “I am absolutely positive that there is never been an accident here and you must have bad information “
  9. RatelSquadron

    Monterey Skydive should be called out!

    THERE WE GO EVERYONE... this person is the first person that took the time to respectfully explain and not heat on a new person, it sheds a lot of light and understanding, I appreciate this and to all of those of you who were very aggressive, didn’t explain a thing and were flat out jerks, black skies for you my friends .... As far as you pchapman, thank you very much for your explanation and also your tone .. it is appreciate and I will remove my post now that someone decent has shed some light
  10. RatelSquadron

    Monterey Skydive should be called out!

    And I certainly would, anyone who can’t answer an open question is not someone I’d want to jump with
  11. RatelSquadron

    Monterey Skydive should be called out!

    Concisely but quickly stated the car was being monitored and recorded, I know the laws
  12. RatelSquadron

    Monterey Skydive should be called out!

    This is just absolutely blows me away, all of you folks obviously are not understanding the position of someone brand new and looking at this without experience. This is what I read “ Inspector Wilbert Robinson of the Federal Aviation Association filed a report on the incident. "Main Chute appeared to have deployed prematurely, while he was on his back, as he performed what appeared to be a barrel roll," the report reads. "He then lost consciousness as he descended to the ground." The report continues from mid-barrel roll: "The hand deploy pilot chute prematurely deployed out of its pouch which appeared to cause the unintentional deployment of the main parachute at 13,000 feet."” Then after reading I called to see what they would say and instead of owning I purposely and blatantly lied about it . The fact is that some issue did happen at their zone and instead of explaining it they decided to purposely and blatantly lie, I have nothing to say about the accident itself, for all I know the student did something incorrectly, maybe the gear was bad, maybe the gear was fine, none of that matters, the bottom line is someone called to ask about it and it was purposely lied about, this is not cool and does not make someone feel like there is integrity amongst jumpers or jump zones . I’ve obviously pissed a bunch of you off but honestly I don’t care because you’re not putting yourself in my position, you were just hating because you were trying to defend one of your own but the problem is you were defending and position that seems shouldn’t be defended. if you had read closely you would’ve seen that it was definitely not a post that I wanted to post but I felt it was incredibly poor that they did this and other people should know of this experience.
  13. RatelSquadron

    Monterey Skydive should be called out!

    Totally picking up what you’re throwing down, I know there are tons of variables and I know there is tons and tons of user error, my biggest issue was being blatantly lied to to try to get my business, if they had showed integrity, they would’ve had my business and my trust, now they have neither
  14. RatelSquadron

    Monterey Skydive should be called out!

    I hate to tell all of you this but I was a telemarketer for a long long time, I am very good at quickly but concisely saying this call is being monitored and recorded just like I do every time I record a call so I love how everybody is pissed off at the guy who got lied to about a safety issue, maybe I should’ve just kind of smiled and laughed and said oh, it’s OK to be lied to you because I’m sure all of you folks would appreciate being lied to you as well? Correct
  15. Hello everybody, I’m brand new here and brand new to the sport, I have not even taken my AFF yet. I did my first tandem and loved it! But I am very bothered by something and I think this definitely needs to be shared! I love adrenaline sports and partake in a few. I take them all very seriously because there is definitely risk so I started to do my research. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that accidents and fatalities can be due to many different variables. I have been calling around to a few of the drop zones to check things out, Davis is very reputable and everyone says great things about it but it is very very far for me, I’ve heard some mixed things about Lodi. I’ve asked a few skydivers what they thought of Monterey and a few very experienced people have told me that it is beautiful but you should be a seasoned diver before you jumped there. I thought that was an interesting statement? I pursued a little further. I found out in 2012 there was a guy named Gerardo Flores whos parachute deployed at 16,000 feet. The C.E.O and chief safety officer of skydive Monterey, Jackie Behrick, and other divers said he should not of had a handheld camera and it was a huge distraction and what caused the incident. After watching the video I found fault with those statements. I have never done any skydiving but I also know what I saw, he was on his back and his parachute simply came out of the container. I could be completely incorrect but that’s what it look like. Here was part of the story: FAA Inspector Robinson looked over the parachute on Aug. 14, 2012, along with a parachute rigger examiner Allen Silver at Silver Parachute Sales & Services in Hayward, Calif. "The container showed signs of wear and tear that appeared beyond serviceable limits," the report continues. "The material on the flap of the reserve container was worn on numerous parts of the cover. "The main parachute closing flap velcro was completely worn." Behrick's reply: It makes sense it was messed up after the jump. His ill-advised maneuvers led to damage, and for all she knows the paramedics who reached him on the ground cut up the rig. Flores' lawyer, Oakland personal injury attorney David A. Kleczek, disagrees. "The parachute was a piece of garbage beyond serviceable limits," he says, "with intentional modifications that don't meet muster." Before she was aware of a lawsuit, Behrick issued a statement that the accident was due to diver error, not improperly checked or maintained equipment. Flores’s lawyer said there would likely be no lawsuit without the FAA report. "If the report said the parachute was in perfect working condition, I don't think we would present a case," he says. "It all goes back to the parachute, above all else." As far as the barrel roll, Kleczek says that was part of training administered by SDM themselves. "Their training course specifically calls for him to practice barrel rolls," he says. SO....... The reason I am so irritated is because I just called Monterey and I asked if there had ever been any injuries, accidents or fatalities. I wanted to see if they would be honest. I spoke with a lady named Dannie (or Danny) and recorded the call after the beginning because I could see where it was going with all of her probing after I told her my friend mentioned there had been an incident. She told me there have been no injuries, accidents or fatalities in Monterey EVER and I must have the wrong jump zone. She then said what sort of things have you heard? I asked if she was sure and she said yes, I even recorded it. I then continued to hear talk in the background and her pauses. She was being fed what to say and she absolutely knew that she was not being truthful. As a good salesman you can tell when someone is selling you. I was considering taking AFF there instead of Hollister because it’s so much closer, if they were honest with me I probably still would’ve done it there, they completely lied to my face. What I find very funny about that behavior is this quote by the Monterey dropzone CEO and chief safety officer Jackie Behrick, "He declared a routine and was completely lying to my face." Doesn’t feel very good to be lied to does it Jackie?! p.s. I really hate to start out this way and I really hope that I’m not hated for not being 100% on board with all the jump zones or backing this particular jump zone with this incident . And if I’m speaking with ignorance and there is something I don’t know or haven’t seen please kindly chime in and educate me, I’m not trying to be a hater, just really felt that this was bad form. here is the story and video in case this is new news http://www.montereycountyweekly.com/blogs/news_blog/man-sues-marina-s-skydive-monterey-bay-over-skydiving-crash/article_c2f5feee-a89e-11e3-9225-001a4bcf6878.html