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  1. Best you get your butt down to the South Island! The North is OK but the south is definately where the Adventure is. I currently live in Tauranga in the North but am from the South so can speak about both. If you want adventure and have the US dollar you are good to go! Plenty of DZ's (North Isl: Parakai above Auckland- should be open by then, Mercer- never jumped there but does have a good jumpship, Matamata in the Waikato-friendly DZ with plenty of beer, Tauranga-great scenery but mainly caters for Tandems, need a B licence, Rotorua-great views, good buch of sporties, home of the NZPF, Taupo-north island adventure spot, 2 DZ's on 1 airport, South Isl: Nelson-Very Hot, Christchurch-In a "big" city, hot but blows in the afternoon, Wanaka-never jumped there but understand it has awesome views, need a B licence, Queenstown-adventure capital of the WORLD!!! You name it and it can probably be done. Best jumping views in my limited experience. Heaps of tourists in the town so huge night life, I think there is also a DZ in Dunedin in the deep south) If you want to surf in the South you may want a Wet suit as the South Pole is just around the corner or you could just get hard! I haven't rented a van myself but it would be a good way to go. Plenty to do and see and with a van all you have to worry about is all of the other US visitors driving on the wrong side of the road. As for the weather, it will be very warm in the North, around 25-30 deg, up to 35 in the far north. It is a bit cooler in the South but you are still looking at mid to high 20's. Bring your rig, camera, wallet and plenty of time and you wont want to leave. Drop me an email if you do get down this way and I'll buy you a beer (or maybe you should for your presecond visit to NZ) Onward
  2. I need to brighten my computer and my day. Where can I find some good skydiving screensavers?? Pse help me, I am stuck in my office and can't get out often enough.
  3. General pat on the back to Sangrio and the guts at DZ... Well done on a great site, I have only just started using it and am still finding my way but so far so good. Keep it up. Blue Skies
  4. I've been psycho-packing for approx 60 jumps now and apart from some funny looks when people hear the name of the pack job have had no serious troubles. A constant theme with my openings however is sluggish end cells on opening, requiring pumping of the brakes to open them. Comments? What do others think of psycho packing?? I am jumping a PD COE-D 190 in a NARO container and have been jumping it from new(approx 90 jumps now). I cloverleaf the slider and stuff the nose quite deep but do not roll it.