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  1. Mine does and she's pretty damn hot! Of course I think I'm just damn lucky that deep inside, she's a nerd too. -Trunk HYPOXIC
  2. Thank you for those links. I've been reading up on your posts on those forums and I was not aware of the quality issues between the GPS and the standard 1080P camera. I'll stay tuned and hope they fix it. -Trunk HYPOXIC
  3. Looks like it was done with an effect called twixtor edit: sorry spot already posted that... HYPOXIC
  4. Looks like they had cold feet. Weird they were readily showing it at NAB to everyone and now it sounds like they pushed back the press release. HYPOXIC
  5. Just got a sneak preview of the latest Contour camera at NAB this year It's got: * 170 deg field of view * 200 deg rotation of the lens * Bigger Lens * External Mic input * Built in Connect View * HDMI out with playback controls I think the press release is going out on Monday, but here is the inside scoop from HYPOXIC. HYPOXIC
  6. I personally use the century .55x for all outside footage. I don't do any manual zoom so a single element lens is fine for me. I wrote up a listing of good lenses a while back on my cx100 article which I feel is still true with the CX110 CX110 for skydiving HYPOXIC
  7. You can also switch to Photo mode and use the camera purely as a still camera with slightly higher resolution. If you do decide to go this route, I would suggest getting the photo kit. A lot less cables to fit into your helmet. Photo Kit HYPOXIC
  8. CX150 by a long shot: 1) Cheaper 2) Has a lens adapter 3) Don't need the screen flipped open while recording 4) Bigger lens 5) You don't need to buy a box for the CX150 vs. you need to for the TG7 just to have a wide angle lens adapter (unless you want to glue one on that is) Take a look/search for the predecessor TG1 or the US model the TG5. -Trunk HYPOXIC
  9. You can try changing your body position a tad which is easiest to learn in the tunnel. I tend to use a daffy position when I want to slow down a bunch. Check out the photo as an example... HYPOXIC
  10. I haven't shot freefall footage with it, but the stills are pretty damn tight and fast. It's simple, the macro shots are easy and quick (in comparison to my 100mm prime canon lens). You can see macro shots in my past few articles (CX160). The IR port is slow so a mod is necessary for using it in freefall. I just did this mod this weekend and must say it takes a long time and is extremely technical. Whomever is offering this for $200 is a good deal. For those people thinking about doing it, I did video the mod and wrote about it on my blog. Check it out here Adding a Wired Shutter Release Switch to a Sony NEX-5 HYPOXIC
  11. I tell you what.... The ground footage for this camera (cx130/160) is awesome! Especially low light and the active steadyshot. Check out some hand held footage taken last night in a dim arena: Team Dysfunction goes Bull Riding HYPOXIC
  12. I'll try and get some test footage with active turned on this weekend but seriously doubt it will change anything. The OIS is held into place with magnets, as we have seen with the CX7 and CX12 they break loose when the camera is hit by a vacuum caused by a burble. Here is something I wrote on the CX7 back in the day where I took apart the OIS unit. CX7 OIS It sucks that I can't jump right now, or all these tests would be easy for me to perform by myself. Right now I have to rely on other people that are training, etc. Thank you for your patience, -Trunk HYPOXIC
  13. Hellis, mind posting a frame grab from video from of this. Sorry for the misinformation then, I had a military group try it out and they said it was a no go. HYPOXIC
  14. You will get huge vignetting from it and I believe it does not focus. Some of my guys tried it and said it wouldn't work. -Trunk HYPOXIC
  15. Someone once told me a really smart simple secret about tongue and bite switches. SPIT THEM OUT before you deploy. If you get in the habit of doing this your switch will last you a hell-a-lot longer. Think about whenever you have a "bad" opening. You get 100 shots of your deployment, or the earth or whatever. I know I personally clench down hard when this happens.... Just passing some knowledge -Trunk HYPOXIC
  16. So the Sony CX160 does have the flutter issue like the CX7/CX12 cameras. There are some other things that aren't quite skydiver friendly either. Check out the short clip: Hypoxic Tests the HDR-CX160 Since I'm recovering the footage was taken by the new Arizona Arsenal Camera man Brandon Atwood. -Trunk HYPOXIC
  17. Nice chart. Awesome work! I sent one (CX160) to Arizona Arsenal to do some FreeFfly testing during their training this week. I requested them to pass it around the dropzone (headup, belly) so I can get a bunch of different footage in a short period of time. Unfortunately I'm still recovering from my shoulder injury so I can't personally jump it. I'll post the footage on our website once I get some samples. Let's see if they lock the lenses any better. -Trunk HYPOXIC
  18. bomb420


    huh? Like caution tape? HYPOXIC
  19. You'll have an SOS error. Leave the card in, turn on the camera, wait a few seconds and you'll get SOS to pop onto the screen. Press any button at this time and the camera will write the appropriate headers into the corrupt file and make it work. The file will most likely be the whole recording but generally for us peeps it's enough. See my article on GoPro on Skydiving for more tricks. Or search for SOS errors online. -Trunk HYPOXIC
  20. At first I was worried about it going down to your cutaway handle, but your chest strap should protect that from happening. I need to see if you can get it tight enough for video. How was the footage? HYPOXIC
  21. This is the ultimate narcissistic post. Hope we all realize that; but I love it!!! Without further ado Screen grab from gopro Erin's gopro this summer before a balloon jump. And of course my favorite one... HYPOXIC
  22. Bofh, How are you mounting it on your mud flap. Going through it seems to require an 90degree adapter. I can see around it but it does not seem safe to me since it can fall down around your handles. Maybe you can post us a picture? Thx, -Trunk HYPOXIC
  23. The dimensions of the GPS version is different than the normal contourHD 1080p. Make sure you get a box for the GPS version. I personally have not seen one yet. It looks like the rawa one will not work, the 2K composites one may. Email chutingstar or 2KC to find out. A lot of people are happy with these mounts too that work with any version of the contour camera: Contour Sturdy Mounts HYPOXIC
  24. From what I've seen there is not a default setting but if you upgrade the firmware it will go back to the factory defaults. Depending on the firmware you will see the following if the settings are set to default. Just ignore the ones that aren't in your current firmware. onF (P2 in older) F r4 Cnt UP (Not in older) LFF (Not in older) oSO (Not in older) P1 (P2 in older) bLO bPO nSC Lst (Not a setting) All (Not a setting) OFF LCO (Not in older) dat (Not a setting, submenu) ESC (Not a setting/esc) HYPOXIC
  25. RTFM, You need to update the firmware first. It's located on their website. -Trunk HYPOXIC