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  1. Hi, i have few questions concerning your app : - If it gives stats on your jump, It means that you should have your phone with you during the jump ? - How do you get these stats ? - Can all skydivers jump with their phones or only experienced one can like with a camera ?
  2. This is some really good advice, thank you so much for it. I am now trying to get in contact with the companies mentioned above and some i've found here and there so that I get to know the industry better. A company based in France would be really cool for my internships but if i don't get lucky enough I will try to go to the US. I am also starting my aff in July, hope it will widen my network. Thanks again every one for your answers
  3. I don't have a lot of experience but maybe going to a wind tunnel can help you get a good position again.
  4. Thank you for your answer ! I will look it up
  5. @sundevil777 what do you think an engineer can do then ?
  6. Thanks @SethInMi for you answer. Working in the extreme sports industry is what i'm looking for and the wingsuit is a part of it. Do you have any company name that could help ? I am now studying general engineering and will maybe go for aerodynamics or in fluids turbulence.
  7. Hello everybody, i'm new to this community. In fact, i'm gonna start my aff in France this July ! I am currently an engineering student and would love to work in the skydiving/wingsuit but i can't find useful info on the internet. Can you please help me find an answer to these questions : - What are the jobs that an engineer can do in this field ? -What is the degree necessary to do so ? Thanks a lot for your answers!