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  1. I have a few weeks off in January and was looking into getting a big chunk of tunnel time this winter and want to know where I should be looking at going/how I should be looking at doing it. I would love to learn how to free fly properly and get pretty good at it this winter. I am willing to travel pretty much anywhere for 2 weeks and would like to get 10-15 hours. I've heard Russia is pretty affordable but I don't really know what my options are.

    Does anyone have any recommendations? 

  2. I am a new skydiver this season with 70 some jumps. I bought a rig shortly after getting my A that does not have a bungee between my leg straps. Just took a canopy course and was introduced to the idea of the "active pilot position", so moving my leg straps down a bit on my thigh after opening so that its easier to make harness turns. However I can't help but feel like I might slip out of the back of my rig like in this ( Are bungees designed to prevent this from happening?