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  1. i think your all right, and wrong to equate this to motorbikes.... almost all bike crashes are the bikers fault, they didn't see the person pulling out on them cos they were going to fast, in a bad road position or just not paying attention, the stats are all squued by not accounting for me riding safely but to say motorbikes are safe if im riding it would be a lie.... its just less dangerous, i accept the risk cos its fun, being aware of that keeps me alive.... seems to me that this is the same deal
  2. if you want the opinion of a complete noob... and i mean..... i did one tandem a few weeks ago and instantly decided to get a licence and have been reading everything there is till i do it (hello by the way) i don't expect to get in any real trouble skydiving, as long as i get good instruction and don't get complacent on safety/practising, keep my wits about me and assume everyone is out to kill me as with anything, the important bit there is the ...... "as long as" complacency kills, i have a dangerous job... i like snowboarding the back county for the pow, climbing ridges to find said pow... riding motorbikes... and drive more then 1840 miles a year! lol ill rate how good my instructors are based on how well they explain the theory that ... its only not dangerous as f***... if you assume it will kill you i tell everyone i teach to snowboard... or ride bikes just cos your paranoid, doesn't mean there not out to get you, be paranoid, it,ll keep you alive just my 2 cents, i cant wait to learn